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  1. Nice catch ! I had the opposite happen on Tuesday. 4 for 4 on Magnum Stingers. Couldn't get a hit on small spoons. Fished 40 to 80 feet down 30 to40 ft.
  2. That looks deeper than the last pics. Are the short docks even reachable ?
  3. Thanks for the pics. Looks like hipboot water to use middle docks.
  4. Thanks for the info. Pictures I've seen don't show the ramp , just docks and concrete walkway . Looks like a lot of water!
  5. If anybody uses the launch in the next day or two , can you report on water depth on ramp? Need to know if it's too much of a problem to put in. Thanks
  6. Sounds like by wed. it looks like I may need hip boots to get on the dock. Just saw a Wright's Landing Facebook post of landing pics. If water gets deeper it won't be possible to launch without a 100 foot rope
  7. Wrights Landing How much water on the short launch docks ? A week ago it was only about 6 inches to walk through.
  8. Out of OZ at 6 this am. Big waves yet. went 1 for 2 by 8am and had a boat ride till noon.
  9. Thanks for the update. It wasn't that long ago that they were in by April 1st.Guess fishermen don't matter much to the City anymore.
  10. Any update this week ? Still waiting for the smaller docks .
  11. Thanks, I launch alone and the perm dock is tougher for me to launch from.
  12. I'd still like to launch on the lower docks. Any sign of the city starting to put the docks out ?
  13. Any sign of the city putting the docks out?
  14. Wrights landing Any ice at the launch ? Thinking of a trip soon since ice fishing is done.
  15. I just saw an anti Trump ad on the South shore fishing info. If Sportsmen think they will be better of with Hillary, they might as well sell their firearms now before they are criminalized or licensed beyond the average persons affordability. Better yet, don't allow any political ads on this forum.