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  1. Any sign of the city putting the docks out?
  2. Wrights landing Any ice at the launch ? Thinking of a trip soon since ice fishing is done.
  3. I just saw an anti Trump ad on the South shore fishing info. If Sportsmen think they will be better of with Hillary, they might as well sell their firearms now before they are criminalized or licensed beyond the average persons affordability. Better yet, don't allow any political ads on this forum.
  4. Got on the water at 6:30 after almost breaking my leg on an icey dock. The first 2 browns came on silver/black stickbaits down 5 feet off riggers .When it got bright out the next 3 hit alewife stingers down 10 over 25ft.Never hit water over 38 degrees. back to the dock by 11:30. Not a bad first trip other than a bruised shin.
  5. Thanks, I guess I don't need to rush getting the boat ready to go.
  6. Anybody been out of Wrights landing lately? I was wondering if the launch docks were out yet.
  7. I haven't been on the lake in a week.Any fleas showing up yet? it's nice to fish with light line if I can yet.
  8. I was out of Oswego yesterday.4 for 5 salmon by 10am. Try 70 to 90 feet down in 200 to 300 feet of water.I had 50 foot leads out and alewife stingers on.hope that helps.
  9. Thanks.I'l be looking for them tomorrow.At least it's a place to start.
  10. I've been out the last 5 weeks east and west,20 to 150 feet and only find browns and steelies. Any sign of salmon? I got spoiled by last years bite.
  11. There's lots of those little guys out of Oswego too.Maybe next year they'll be ready for the cooler.
  12. That's good news. i'll be up next week.
  13. Oswego is exactly 200 miles from my front door. For the last 25 years I've averaged 15 trips a year to the big lake.Up and back in the same day. it's the only water my boat's been on.
  14. Better than my last Oswego trip.A 5 lb laker that didn;t even release the rigger.