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reel drag

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  1. reel drag

    Copper lengths

  2. My wife has convinced me to keep the boat, the REEL DRAG is no longer for sale.
  3. If someone was interested in this boat I can let it go for 16,500, minus rods reels and tackle.
  4. reel drag

    New Bill introduced in ny assembly

    Isn't funny these folks are all republicans, crooked as the day is long. Lets just blame the democrats for everything that is wrong with our country because that's the trump way. Just to be clear, I am not a democrat or a republican. I am not a liberal or conservative. I believe in doing what's right for all people. Just my 2 cents for all you haters out there. You are many. If you want to make America great again, you have to know what made us great to begin with.
  5. It's that time. Boat is still covered.. 25,000 OBO
  6. reel drag

    New boat

    Good luck with the new ride Bill.
  7. reel drag

    Best dipsy rod 10.5'

    Shimano Talora's, 12 years old and still performing like new.
  8. I have a set of extras motor and battery side. 362-6713. Rochester.
  9. I will be winterizing and covering the boat this week and will repost in the spring.
  10. Only the vent windows open.
  11. It was a difficult decision to let it go. My work schedule for the next 3 years is 6 days a week and 10 hrs a day. Just can't let it sit in the driveway the next 3+ years. It's been a great boat, and I hope someone enjoys it like I did.
  12. 2008 Trophy Pro 21'-7" W/A Hard Top Great Condition 1 owner, Pro Marine in Hamlin has done all service and maintenance. This boat is ready to fish. Comes with Raymarine color fish finder, Cannon down speed and temp. Factory FF built into the dash. Big Jon planer reels mounted to hardtop, 5 position rocket launcher on hardtop, 4 net/rod holders mounted on port and starboard rails, Big Jon dual rod holders port and starboard, Otter Boats with twin keels, 2 Cannon Mag 5 HS off the back, Cannon Mag 10's with 5' adjustable booms port and starboard. All Coast Guard equipment, life jackets, anchor with 100ft of rope. All tackle is included 2 special mate boxes full of spoons, plus several Plano boxes with spoons, special mate box full of stick baits plus plano boxes of reef runners, j-plugs,etc. Spin Doctors, flashers, flies, bait heads, spin & glows, cowbells. 6- Diawa 47LC Sealines with Diawa rods, 6- 27LC Accudepth set ups with Diawa rods, 500 copper on Tekota 800 LC 450 copper on Tekota 800, 400 copper on Tekota 800, 300 copper on Okuma Reel all rods are Okuma GLT'S. 2 Tekota 600lc on 9'6" Talora Rods w/1000ft 7 strand wire. 10 colors of lead core on Okuma set up. This is a package deal, I will not separate. Serious inquiries only. I will post pics of the boat soon.25,000.00 firm.
  13. Working on it, will try later today.
  14. While bullhead and walleye fishing this spring down on Long Pond in Greece, saw a dead 36 inch tiger on the shore. Fished there for many years and that's the first time I've seen one around there.