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  1. Spoke with some DOT reps on Wednesday that were visiting my site.I put the question to them about the parkway. There is a plan in the works to resurface/repair the stretch between rte 19 and Kendall. However, according to them, they can't get federal funding to do the work. Our elected official's have preached infrastructure work is going to happen, but without the federal money, The Parkway will continue to deteriorate as will everything else. Good luck to all of us! We will need it with this administration.
  2. I know with high pressure the fish are deeper, Are some of you guys fishing that deep?
  3. Shake down 5-23-17 Left Bald Eagle and headed east towards the nose, poked around 20-30 fow and saw nothing. Headed out to deeper water. Turned back towards port and when we hit 200 fow we started marking fish in the top 50 feet. We managed a couple cohos at 40 and 50 feet down and a decent king on a diver out 200 on a 2 setting, NBK Spin Doctor and fly. The interesting thing was that we saw ALOT of marks and bait on bottom 200 feet down. Beyond my capabilities to go that deep. The boat ran great. Overall a beautiful day out there. This is the latest shake down I've ever done in 15 years! Be out on Saturday.
  4. Make that 2 boats that are alcohol free.
  5. Disconnected.
  6. Thanks Bill.
  7. Dockage Anyone have a number for Frank at sleepy hollow?
  8. Thanks.
  9. Marina info Can someone give me contact info for Bruce at the marina in Sandy Creek
  10. Those guys were really disappointed with the fog delay, so not to give up the morning, they bought all kinds of casting gear at Mitchel's so that they can cast for those beautiful Browns. Once again, great job Rick.
  11. Crazy Yankee Ran into a couple of guys from Maine yesterday. They were raving about the fishing they had the day before. I asked who they chartered with and they said Crazy Yankee. I told them that they were with one of the best and I'm not surprised at the number of fish landed. Way to go Rick. You have definitely made these guys want to do it again and again.
  12. Thanks.
  13. Ponds Anyone know if the ice is gone from the lakeshore ponds?