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  1. The water might still be a little cold. Sometime in July I imagine.
  2. Got out for the first time since last August, fished 80-140 fow just east of the bay. Went 8 for 10, 5 kings and 3 lakers. No size to the kings, all under 12 lbs. Great to be out. Beautiful day.
  3. Are you talking about the launch near the port building?
  4. Puerto Rican is Orange with Black spots, also very hard to find.
  5. With lake levels rising daily, is the launch area accessible?
  6. reel drag


    We did about 15 Bullheads at Long Pond on Saturday night. Not a fast bite, but they have started. Between the perch after dark and the Bullheads we were busy.
  7. looking FOR A 12' ALUMINUM BOAT
  8. reel drag

    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    My wife has convinced me to keep the boat, the REEL DRAG is no longer for sale.
  9. reel drag

    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    If someone was interested in this boat I can let it go for 16,500, minus rods reels and tackle.
  10. Isn't funny these folks are all republicans, crooked as the day is long. Lets just blame the democrats for everything that is wrong with our country because that's the trump way. Just to be clear, I am not a democrat or a republican. I am not a liberal or conservative. I believe in doing what's right for all people. Just my 2 cents for all you haters out there. You are many. If you want to make America great again, you have to know what made us great to begin with.
  11. reel drag

    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    It's that time. Boat is still covered.. 25,000 OBO
  12. Good luck with the new ride Bill.
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