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  1. Sorry if this is being reposted but I didn't see it in any of the topics. https://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld=&bn=A00722&term=2019&Summary=Y&Actions=Y&Text=Y&Committee%26nbspVotes=Y&Floor%26nbspVotes=Y
  2. Just received a pair of 13# weights in the mail today. Nice looking product for a nice price. Can't wait to try them in the Derby this weekend. Zern
  3. I second Froggers report out of Hugh's. I was running mostly shallow stuff but had on a lot of green stuff. Went 7 for 9 including a nice 17 pound king on a green/silver spoon. I was surprised to do so well in the east wind.
  4. HOLY SMOKES! But he must have been just about out of energy cuz after eating him, I had a to take a nap! If I am every lucky enough to catch another I will get the extra info ya need. Thank you very much for responding Glenn!
  5. Don't let it go to your head Nick! We guys are only interested in hearing from Mrs. Ruff Rider! Glad to have ya back!
  6. WOW. Tagged this year! Fish was caught roughly one mile North of Hugh's marina or NNE of Pultneyville NY. 25 feet down over 120 feet of water on a orange/silver NK28. I did not weight the fish at time. We caught 6 more steelies in the general area. It was 1st fish we caught on the day and rainbow being one of my favorite fish to eat, (and it was perfect eating size)I through him in the cooler. I still have the tag and will return it if ya want. Let me know if there is any other info ya need. Zern
  7. Thank you, Pvelyk. I called the number but their mailbox was full. MEA = Metro East Anglers.
  8. Hey Guys! Caught a rainbow off Hugh's with a Orange tag. Not sure who's tag it is. One side has MEA 0126. Other side has 905-640-6204. I know Canada has MNR (ministry of natural resources) I would like ta tell whoevers fish that was that we took it to dinner. Thanks for any help! Zern
  9. Sweet! Thank you very much for the info! Good Luck to ya!
  10. I'm betting the launch is open but can any one confirm it? Just getting the answering machine when I call. Thanks for any info!
  11. zern

    Motor controls

    Thank for the response, Buko! I never thought to look at the engine end cuz the grinding sound come out of the controls at the console. I know the two star wheels you speak of. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all I own a seanymph with an mid 70's evenrude. During the season last year I noticed that when i go to engage the the drive, gears in the control tend to grind a bit an not want to engage. some times not wanting to engage at all. This is not in the engine but at the side mounted shifter/throttle. Is there a way to tighten up the clutch? Thank you for any help!
  13. I think your right about getting on ice late Dec. (fingers crossed) Looking at the latest forecast, I am figuring on traveling ta Eel bay soon. I am more concerned about lake levels right now. Eel bay at best is only 6' deep. Fish should still be there but what about Sandy pond, Braddock or any other shallow bay. We may have ta look for fish in other places. Check your gear! I think your going ta need it soon!
  14. LOL! The mod's are gunna bust us for talking ice fishing in the panfish section. Pontoons on the snowmobile. Send pics! Hey Grady! Don't get rid of the tip-ups. Put swim noddles on 'em!
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