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  1. Thanks guys again! It is definitely put blood pumping when you see the muskie surface and tried to land it.
  2. Rolmops - Yeah, I heard of that place but little way far to driving for me. But if i have that badly headaches to catch another one, I might go! flyak, thanks!
  3. haha thanks guys for positive words! Wont able to fish for them again until next year! Or maybe trying my luck on tiger muskies that offered in my state. Even through population is not there as NY has. Any tips or just keep doing what I do with pure muskies?
  4. Yeah, I already knew it is very hard fish to catch.. They are called 10,000 cast for one.. So, I'll cherish this memory for lifetime. But man, its surely addicted feeling! Don't convince me into muskie fishing orwise i'll spent tons for them to just fish for them. Another thing, just wanted to say big thanks to everyone who are muskie fishing and I am certainly learned few tips from you guys. even you guys didn't realize that you did contribute my factor into targeting them. Even through I never went for muskies until recently. You deserved the credits for that too.
  5. Ivan - No, i didnt see oldman story on eels. I might do that after this or you can refer me to it? Also, the lake itself is western PA. I found the answer based on PA stocking muskies. I am already saying too much. Few of pictures are on same fish. Just like how pictures shot that angle. Right now, two fish are different between my friend and I am holding. His head is on my friend's hand is his fish. While my fish is my muskie. Its definitely different muskie because my friend's muskie has damaged fin on his second left fin. while my muskie doesnt have damage fins. Next day, I'm not bothered to look if it was same muskie or not. I'm just mindblown that we actually got them again. p.s. I am not meant to make everyone feel bad. It just happened and we got them. Only thing that my friend and I am regret about is forget to bring our GoPro camera to this trip. It will be definitely amazing footage for sure. Also, We didnt discovered that muskie was on this lake until baitshop told us.
  6. Now, Tiger Muskie is next on the list!! Hope I'll able to land one of them! Plus, one question, you know that 50 incher muskie is something that we always dream about it.. what's about tiger? is 40 incher tiger is similar 50 inch muskie? Appreciate any comments.
  7. Haha. Nope, I'm not smoking.. It has happen and its happened. Good thing i have pictures orwise it will be another fishtale for everyone to hear. or something like big fish got away story! haha Thanks everyone! It was my first time to actually target them.. First cast, got 50 incher.. I guess I got pure lucky.. Then next day, got another 50 incher.. Even better, it was my first time ever to fish in PA. I guess I have to go PA more often.. I dont know you guys, maybe conditions was affected the role of I'm landing it? condition: -cloudy -super cold temp -bad rainstorm at previous night and following the night. -caught it at 1-2pm on first day -caught double muskie at 920am on next day. (degree was very lower than yesterday and sunny day)
  8. Title said it all. No word need to describe it. My friend and I went PA for camping. We found out that we are camping at muskie lake. So, we figure it to give a shot. I brought two savage sand eels. After re-tied on my friend's line with savage. On his first cast, boom! stuck on rocks. He gave me rod, i'm expert on unhook from rocks. so, i'm trying to go different position to unhook the rocks and somehow, i felt that i was able to pull something with me toward surface. I handed him and told him to reel everything in. I'll unhook if something was on hook. He agreed and reeling it in. Oops, log was surface! Oh CRAP! Its fricking huge muskie! Madness was breaking loose! splashing everywhere and jumping like 4 or 5 times! whole body out of water like you seen Jaws does. Unbelievable! Then we realized that we forget the net at truck. So, I told him, i'll grab it! no matter what happen next. I'll go hospital if i got bad injury. Boom! got him on kayak! Processed mouth-roped it and tow toward beach. Quickly C.P.R. then released it. I got mad because i havent got cast yet! on my first cast, Boom! Got muskie!!!!!! NO WAY!!! two first casts and two muskies! processed same C.P.R again. we gave up after that. On next day, our mind was set to catch muskie again. we went out again, but no, nothing happen for half hour of casting. we decided to trolling our lures behind kayak. boom! we got them again! double! Holy crap! I processed to land it myself and C.P.R. then released it back. Paddle back into my friend kayak to help land that muskie. Oh man! unbelievable trip for sure! Total 4 muskies -50 x 25 inches - 40lbs -50 x 24 inches - 39lbs -50 x 24 inches - 39lbs -48 x 22 inches - 34lbs umm. not sure how to upload the pictures now since site changed. So,i'll wait until someone tells me.
  9. no reels? thanks and i'm not interested. Sorry.
  10. Is it has reel and mast? Sorry, I was confusing with your words. sent me text (339-970-1948) Or pm me with your number so I can talk to you. I live in Rochester.
  11. Can anyone lend me direction for going fishing at there? I have no problem to jig for them but find them is entirely other issue for me. Comment here or PM me. Your choice. Much thanks! I hope I can catch boatload of them! haha
  12. my buddy will be staying there for winter only due to job. So, any possible for being catchable on tip-ups will make him happy. have any idea?
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