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  1. X4 TO X4D

    they all use the same transducer.
  2. looking for berts ratcheting rods holders in the satin finish and also berts or great lake planer rod trees. pm me with what you have. thanks Shawn
  3. Good day on Conesus!

  4. Spooling Okuma Convector - 30

    i would put 300 yards on to be safe
  5. April 2nd-5th spring browns

    if i had a set date to come fish browns in early spring then i would pick rochester. with the genesee river dumping in you can usually find the right water color. also if it is rough you can troll irondequiot or sodus bays if not iced in still
  6. perfect date. it's going to get me out of having to go to my gf family reunion
  7. to many wires going to my batteries

    these blue seas fuse boxes are great. i just installed one on my boat but they are made for breaker box expansion on big boats. so if you install one make sure you put a fuse between the battery and the fuse box.
  8. Leadcore line

    i din't realize you were talking about 18# lead core when i wrote this. anyone else reading this that is thinking about setting up a daiwa sealine 57, i just did one with 150 yards of 40# pp braid and 10 colors of 27# stealth core and it fit perfectly
  9. Leadcore line

    i would run braid backing and a 30 to 50 ft. fluoro leader
  10. Leadcore line

    that will work with 150 yards of braid backing
  11. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    way to go. some good eating there