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  1. I will buy the 2 6" tracks if you want to sell them separately
  2. I prefer atomik copper. It only comes in 45 pd. I have only bought 32 one time and the first time I used it the current took it and tangled. It was a crazy current that day. I have had that happen with 45 pound too. I think it dive curve charts are a little off
  3. You can't go wrong with a 300-45 pound copper. It will produce most of the year. Minimum 50 pound braid backing on a inline. Other one I would either go with a shorter copper/weighted steel or a five color
  4. Is it brand new? If so you should call the dealer and ask how they rigged it. There are different on board battery chargers that do different things. Most likely you have to charge the batteries
  5. If you're looking for a high end reel that has plenty of room for 400' plus of copper then check out the penn fathom 2 in the 50 size. I have 2 of them and they are flawless out of the box. The Penn squall is a cheaper option and is good too. Both are way better than the okuma cold water high speed wire reels. I also have 2 of those
  6. It was on a bigger bass boat. 20 or 21 ft. I never even asked the guy about the shaft length but he did say he loved everything about the motor
  7. I was given a short demo on a boat with the garmin last fall. It is whisper quiet and very powerful. Garmin and the lowrance are definitely the future of trolling motors and minn kota needs to play catch up in my opinion. The only thing is the shaft length seems too short. We were in a calm bay and the length wasn't a problem but I could see it being too short in a chop
  8. Haha. Did you just get a new life insurance policy
  9. Location.? Do these fit the newer big bodied riggers?
  10. From my experience I say spend some money on a good pair of bibs that will last you.i have had a few pairs of cheaper bibs and they don't last more than 1 season. I had a pair of sims that were great and would have lasted a long time but they came up missing. On black Friday I bought some from west marine and I like them so far. True timber has some out now that are $99 but I wasn't sure about them. Has anyone tried them?
  11. I agree with you. I have a couple goby colored bay rats but have never run them to know how well they work. They probably would work well in the right conditions. when I'm smallmouth fishing I have goby imitations in the water 75% of the time
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