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  1. Crimp instead of a knot? What diameter line? I wouldn't consider it for anything less than 80 pound. I tie knots with 130 floro for musky leaders and never had one fail
  2. It stays 5' deep or more in the marked channel. The sailboats would probably like it deeper. It would be nice if it was a little wider with all the bass boats and kayaks clogging up the entrance
  3. That reel isn't big enough for 300' of 45 pound copper. It will hold 300 yards of 50 pound power pro and 200 ft of 45 pound copper
  4. Wow. So glad everyone is safe.
  5. Some guys tie a overhand knot. I use a crimp and a bead like minion does it. I don't know what atomik does. It might be super glue?
  6. Good job on the big box on Sunday. I have only been out 3 or 4 times myself this summer. I hope 2021 is better
  7. That is awesome. My 5 year old is a rod hog too
  8. That would be more true for slower walleye trolling speeds. Most depth calculator apps are way off
  9. Do you think it got bit when you were reeling it in?
  10. I can't help you with the bracket but it looks like a great boat. Congratulations
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