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  1. Lol! My old lady said the same. I said "I will go nuts if I don't go"
  2. i would say at least 20.i lost track of the count
  3. Launch had a little ice then. I am sure it is all clear now
  4. Awesome. Nice looking browns
  5. Got out in the lund for the first time of the year today. Had to dodge alot of ice chunks in the morning but it mostly got pushed offshore in the afternoon. Trolled between shipbuilders and Webster park.did good in 8 to ten fow until the water started to clear. Moved out to 15 to 20 fow and caught them good. 33.2 degrees is the warmest water we found.bay rat long shallow in the emerald shiner and rapala sticks in natural colors were best.didn't catch any on spoons.love late winter brown fishing
  6. shawn393

    Setup for Fish Hawk X4D transducer install?

    I would mount it on the port side.away from the kicker turbulence
  7. shawn393

    Atlantic towers

    if you are looking for a rocket launcher then just call great lakes planer. you are in watertown? he is on pt. peninsula.you could pick it up.
  8. 10" posseidon in hot perch or white
  9. shawn393

    Is it spring yet?

    very cool. i love the drone shot at the end
  10. shawn393

    New Riggers

    the new mag 10's are nice but you have to keep a close eye on the wire near the ball. i had to redo the termination last year a couple times. it makes me nervous with my probe attached to it.
  11. shawn393

    Marine Mechanic advice

    Tommy from east fork marina in hamlin is awesome.
  12. shawn393

    Fish hawk

    i would call fish hawk. they have good customer service.
  13. shawn393

    Conesus launch docks

    they were still in a week ago
  14. we went to conesus on sunday and today.got 3 tigers on sunday and 1 today along with some northern's both days.nothing huge but we were able to get a few to bite. i haven't been to conesus in a couple years but it seems like there is way more bait in that lake than i have ever seen before.
  15. i have one. located in rochester. $50