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  1. You can see it on the satellite images from today
  2. I like a 50 ft leader for my copper and lead setups. You have some room on there to retie a few times. For divers I reel the diver to the rod tip. Tie on the leader and then run it down the rod and around the reel and back up to the rod tip and tie on a swivel
  3. They are scattered. A lot of boats inshore yesterday. I didn't have a chance to talk to anyone to see if anyone found some. Water was good inside but we didn't try inside
  4. We were catching browns off the surface over 50 fow yesterday
  5. Won't be a problem mid may. They start showing up when the top water temp is about 70 degrees
  6. Braid works great until the fleas show up and stick to it so bad that you won't be able to reel it in
  7. I think you are both right. There was some decent numbers around until we had all that east wind and the water cleared up. I have been getting out since March 9th and have put 100 browns or more in the boat and not one under 5 or 6 pounds. Something is up
  8. Agreed. Where are the small browns. We haven't caught one under 6 pounds.
  9. Nice Atlantic. That king looks like he hasn't eaten in a while. Did you see any bait moving in?
  10. I am a big fan of the Daiwa great lakes rods. I have a couple of the 8' 6 downrigger and I think the action is perfect for riggers. I have a bunch of the other actions and like them all
  11. Depends on your transducer. Fish hawk runs at 70 kHz. If you are running 83khz sonar then you can get some interference if they are close together
  12. Glad to see the bait moving in. Kings will be behind them
  13. Good to see. The browns i caught Wednesday were full of gobies
  14. Trolling only boat? If so I would go with a airmar. Multi species boat- i have been happy with my Lowrance all in one tucer
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