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  1. Yes a thru hull would be best for you. If you can't get any help from simrad then try their parent company which is navico. Talking to airmar would be the way to go. I have emailed them and had a response the same day
  2. I am assuming this is a trolling only boat? You want a transducer with the wide cone angle for trolling. A lot of guys use the airmar p66 ducer. It has a 45° cone angle but it isn't chirp. The airmar 165 hw is a chirp transducer and has a cone angle of 30° . That is the widest angle chirp transducer that's available right now.
  3. Rochester reel repair. Find him on Facebook
  4. They like both. Some days they like one over the other. Some days they will hit anything you put down
  5. The higher the gear ratio in a reel the less torque it has. 36 inches per turn isn't that much and should still have good power. When you get to the reels that have 48 inches per turn then you really notice the lack of power.
  6. He is on here. Send him a pm
  7. Sad to hear this. Sorry for your loss
  8. I have been wondering how well this would work for salmon and trout for a few years now. It would be nice to see a study in the great lakes on this subject. I know it can't hurt to try. I think I will order one too
  9. Yes. They need to be properly installed with backing plates
  10. I have a couple squalls in the 50 size. They are huge. I have never owned a 30 size. It looks like it would be tight to get a 300 copper on one with enough backing. I wish they made a 40 size
  11. I should add that this thought started today when I went to order a new reel to replace a worn out 300' copper setup and couldn't decide what to buy
  12. I am curious to hear what's everyone's favorite copper reel for tournament fishing. I have owned pretty much all the makes/ model reels and in my opinion there is no perfect copper reel out of the box. Everything is going to high speed gears now and I like them for fun fishing but not for tournament fishing. I like the Penn fathom reels but they are too big for a 300 to 350' copper and you have to put a ton of backing on them to get it full. I am almost thinking about going back to some convectors and sending them out to get upgraded. Then keeping my high speed stuff as backups . What are you all using. It's winter. I am bored
  13. Yes. The big motor will keep that battery charged while trolling.
  14. I run 3 batteries on my Lund. 2 for the 24v tm and the other for everything else. I have drained the starting battery before when I am on the trolling motor while bass fishing and the big motor isn't running. I have never had that problem while trolling
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