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  1. x2 on Chris from minion trolling flies.he has quality products and he is a good guy to deal with.
  2. i always run seaguar fluro. a bit more stealth and more abrasion resistant in case it hits bottom
  3. monroe county offshore classic when the guys announced that they were bringing a tournament back to Rochester i wanted to support it. i got 2 of my cousins to commit so i entered.i wasn't feeling overly confident on saturday morning because we never had a chance to pre fish and my team mates were lacking in trolling experience. we waited for 5;30 am and dropped lines down in 150' of water straight out from port and hooked a 12+ pound coho on a free sliding cheater before i could get all the rods out. i reeled tight on it and fought it to the boat and the net man got the main spoon caught in the net and i watch the fish swim away. the disappointment didn't last long as the divers started firing and we started putting fish in the box.had another mishap on the rod later in the day and lost a mid teens king at the back of the boat with the prop cutting the line. we ended the day with 30+ bites and everyone had a great time and gained some valuable experience.we weighed in 2 mid teens kings, a mid teen laker, a small brown and a small king and finished 14th. less then 1 point out of the money. thank you to the organizers.Rick, Matt, Lucas, Larry. thanks to Chris from Minion trolling flies. the custom flies he tied me and his meat rigs were firing all day. team net breaker will back next year.
  4. I have to say thanks to Matt, Rich,Lucas, Larry and the guys at the genesee charter boat association for putting this on.we had a lot of fun,caught a lot of fish and are already looking forward to next year.
  5. can't help you with that.i have never put a 400 copper on a seagate.i use the okuma 55 for 400
  6. a 60 seagate will take 300 yards of 40# pp and 300' of 45#copper.i'm not sure if it will take a full 300 yards of 50#.i would put about 280 yards to be safe
  7. last i knew mitchell's bait and tackle on lake ave had it.the # is 585 663 4564
  8. the bite has been off more than it's been on lately but we have had some good days with the silver fish thanks to coppers and minion meat rigs.i can't buy a king bite on the riggers.the fish are there though
  9. no you have 3.every cyl has it's own
  10. my guess would be one of the ignition coils went bad
  11. my old man's neighbor at his cottage started feeding the mink out of his hand when he was cleaning fish and next thing you know there was 50 of them around getting in everyone's boats and chewing wires and making a mess.everyone was pissed and got a trapper to come in and get rid of them.never had a problem with them before or since that summer
  12. i think skipper is right about 650' of 40# being tight on that reel.i set up a second 45# 400 copper on a convector 55 over the winter and was only able to fit 550' of 50# pp while getting is as tight as possible with my spooling machine.i think the 55 is a bit bigger than the squal're not going to want the reel overfilled especially if you let people that aren't experienced with copper deploy it.
  13. 7 color 10 color are not lures.when you read this it is talking about lead core line. lead core changes to a different color every 30 feet.each section of color sinks at a rate of roughly 5 feet while a 7 color is running roughly at 35 feet.chicken wing is a gold, black and orange spoon
  14. mason 7 strand.i've used all brands and it's the best imo
  15. they were dumping the barge inside of 100 ft. on friday