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  1. Anybody know some one that will come to your house and shrink wrap? Monroe County area
  2. 10 color and if you are making spring trips then you will want to add a 5 color to your arsenal eventually
  3. Sorry to hear about your trouble Brian. It was a horrible day for us too. Lost fish and then our own boat trouble. I am already looking forward to next year.
  4. Hamlin today was choppy this morning and then slowly laid down
  5. I fished the bald eagle tournament today out of sandy. We caught fish from 80` out to 180. Kings,cohos,steel and lakers.100 for to 130 was best for us for bigger kings
  6. Copper is so soft that there is no need for anything special. A steel eye or ceramic is good as long as it is big enough
  7. Yes there are some crazy currents that happen out there and they will effect cannon ball weights when you get then deep. It was mentioned above that shark style and torpedo weights will track much better. There are some guys on this site that make both styles and I highly recommended them
  8. Keep the boat going straight when putting lines out. Deploy dipsey very slow. I would lose the wingers and try. Turn very slowly when making turns.
  9. Steelhead Fishing has been great so far. Kings are slow so far but they will be easier to dial in once the lake sets up
  10. Nice change of pace. Some good looking filets. I love that cheek meat
  11. With all the dead and dying alewives around all we are doing is supporting a healthy bird population. Salmon were originally stocked to make sure there wouldn't be massive bait fish die off
  12. Agreed it is time to up the stocking #'s. They went too far with the stocking cuts in the first place. I could understand their logic behind the the 1st round of cuts but then they cut again. They can start by bringing the king pen project back to sandy
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