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  1. Thanks Brian. Yes. They are starting to corral bait up for the fall feed
  2. I finished a job this morning and grabbed the Lund and hit the lake for some smallmouth fishing. Boat control was tough today in the wind so we hid behind some points.we caught some small ones and then got bit off by a northern.drifted up to a spot that is usually good in the fall and got my biggest conesus smallmouth of the year. love fall smallmouth fishing
  3. I agree with Gambler. Keeping the predator population higher will only lead to continued cuts in chinook stocking.
  4. They are usually deep in fall.you can catch some strays shallow put the majority will be deep
  5. Took the kids out this morning. Found the fish in 200 fow. The divers and coppers pulling minion meat rigs went crazy when we got into the fish.pulled out 6 in a half hour.the lake was like a washing machine today with waves coming from 3 different directions.the kids didn`t like how choppy it was so we pulled lines and got in before the rain came through. Got some nice steelhead on a ten color too.
  6. We haven't been getting many inside 200 fow but every time I venture out deep I have been seeing some. Tons of small steelhead everywhere too
  7. I agree with mrk61. Do you have the church boards set up to church's recommendations? I think they work the best that way.
  8. We had a blast as always fishing this event.thanks to Brian,Rob and Matt for putting this together and a first class weigh in. I had one partner cancel at the last minute and the other was 45 minutes late so we missed the first half of the early morning bite.we set ours lines down on a west troll and immediately got bit on a 300 copper pulling a custom minion meat rig.i was fighting that fish when the rigger rod set at 70 ft. down took off screaming and came up on the outside of all our starboard gear and we had a mess on our hands when my fish got into it also.we worked together and with a little luck landed both fish that ended up being our two biggest at over 23 pounds a piece. After the morning bite ended we covered alot of water and picked away at them. Ended up with a nice box at over 85 pounds.good enough for 5th place. On a side note I am really impressed with how durable this new familiar bite Pacific herring is.we have been catching multiple fish per piece since starting to use a couple weeks ago.and the minion meat rigs always put our biggest fish in our tournament box
  9. Nice box guys.that south wind and strong current out of the north made it interesting out there
  10. I need 1 cannon downrigger swivel base. I would prefer local pickup in monroe county area. Thanks
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