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  1. browns are native to Europe. the only trout native to new york are lakers and brookies
  2. wtg Matt. nice buck
  3. i heard anglers avenue had bulk spools and can cut any length
  4. nice pics. looks like you had a great season
  5. i have had this happen in the so. tier. i think they are attracted to the batteries
  6. i would be surprised if anyone was given a refund.the taxes on waterfront property keep rising and the marinas still had to pay them along with all of their other expenses . everyone who bought a slip helped keep these businesses open another year
  7. $3500 for everything including the trailer.obo
  8. If anyone is interested in the atv but doesn't have a way to transport it around I have a 5x8 utility trailer that can be negotiated into the deal
  9. wtg. now you will have a king addiction
  10. nice. i had a big brown do that a few years ago. i stopped reeling and dropped it back a few feet and he crushed the spoon. good luck tomorrow. i will be out there looking for a derby fish or 2
  11. if you are close to rochester then go to brad's trailer supply on lyell ave. they have everything in stock
  12. 500' from the genny is a lot further. i never paid attention to the actual distance but it has to be at least 10 miles