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  1. we lost a lot on Saturday out of sandy. i lost count of how many.very least they are biting
  2. we will be in for the first event. i will be in contact next week
  3. shawn393

    CHIRP Frequency Selection

    yes chirp can be any frequency.i think he is talking about about the down vision frequency on his garmin. my medium chirp ducer operates at 95-155 khs
  4. shawn393

    Power Trim Question

    when i changed mine i got one from db electrical. 3 or 4 years with it and it still works good.
  5. shawn393

    10 Meter resto

    i just checked out your thread on the hull truth.looking good.yes this spring has been terrible. i bought a bunch of new stuff for my boat and i just got started installing it all this week. good luck. hope everything goes smooth so you can get that baby in the water
  6. shawn393


    nice one!
  7. i have been using the holders in the second pictures for years with mag divers and plenty of matures king hits and never had a problem.
  8. shawn393

    Thoughts on Flat Bottom nets

    mine are holding up very well. i don't keep them out in the elements when not in use
  9. shawn393

    Thoughts on Flat Bottom nets

    i like the flat bottom. the fish don't get all rolled up and tangled as mush in them. i use my second net a lot less when doubled up on fish because it is so easy to get them out quick
  10. yes. my berts are in tracks and my big jons are on mounts for the lund sport trac
  11. i personally will only use ratcheting rod holders for divers leaning over the boat struggling to get the rod out of the holder. i have big jons on one boat and berts on the other. i like both
  12. shawn393

    Looking to get a couple new nets

    i have a 34x30 that is perfect for kings. i also have a 20x20 that i use for trout and a 25x25 that is always on the boat for a backup.the 25x25 is "usable" for salmon and good for trout. just make sure you get the coated nets. the hooks don't get stuck in them
  13. 50 # power pro will not be any better as far as collecting fleas. i run the wire right to my diver.i use 30# mason 7 strand wire but whatever 30# wire is fine. as far as rigger reel line the blood run sea flee is a 30# mono line with a slick coating that works great
  14. you can use whatever in the spring but when flea season starts you don't want to use any braid except for backing on coppers and lc. 30 pound wire on the divers and blood run sea flee on your rigger reels is what you want