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  1. Yes - cheap plastic made in China models. Are those made of cedar? Handmade and hand painted? Are those collector pieces? If you knew anything about original Lyman lures and their value, you wouldn't have posted that. It's like comparing a Tekota to a Magda 30. I thought this was Lake Ontario United, not the good 'ole boys club. Just as united as, well......you know. BTW, F.T.P.
  2. What a great price. If the border was open, I'd come to get this. Same sled in Ontario would be $2500 ($1850 USD).
  3. Do they have any original lyman hiding somewhere in the back of the store?
  4. I hope that it doesn't crash. I've witnessed it on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.
  5. Not sure how you read that from my response. There is no 6' distance at the Ganny and if you think that is true, the only person you are fooling is yourself. The sight of fish coming in backwards, sideways, slit bellies and decaying flesh is enough to shut down fishing there since people are performing their own personal egg collection. I don't care if it is open or closed and since you are the one complaining about it, who's thinking about whose situation here? Go fish another trib that is open and quit griping about this. Get over it man.
  6. Speaking about Canadian tribs only on my response. The season closes on Sept 30 for the prime spawning areas on the tribs that have a large number of natural reproduction. I'm talking about the tribs on the eastern basin and not the cesspools on the western basin that used to harbor the largest runs on the north shore. The Credit and Bronte do not get the runs they used to and egg collection on the Credit was fine but pales in comparison to what it was. The eastern tribs are open for a few miles to the lake until the end of the year and then some have a full open season but that is for a shorter distance from the lake. One thing that they have done correctly in Ontario is recognize the importance of closing the season for salmon populations to allow for natural reproduction and have done so for many years. In fact, the season used to close much later and they moved that up to the end of Sept since the runs start in early Aug. Not sure why some CDNS are pissy about closed tribs because of the COVID situation and really don't care. The provincial government has no say in that decision as that is left up to the municipalities. And for the one trib in question, the Ganaraska River, I welcome that decision as it is the worst display of illegal fishing witnessed anywhere. Don't care if 50% snaggers/netters/pitchforkers ruin it for the other 50% legal anglers. This is a different year and those people that are pissed off just need to accept that fact instead of cry about it.
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