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  1. Somehow the Bay of Quinte has managed to survive for decades, +10lb fish are common, and it has one of the highest fishing pressure in NA for walleye. And locals are not overdramatic about it.
  2. Snap all the time. Fish don't care. I've seen people run lead core directly to the lure w/o a leader and they were catching fish. And lead core severely impedes the action of the lure but the fish don't care.
  3. Winds affect the current more than anything else. Very noticeable after a day of strong winds, especially when the lake flips. And yes, the FH is most important for temp and then speed for me. My two graphs are only used to plot course and look at depth. But later in the year, the graphs become more important as the fish don't care so much about water temp.
  4. Who currently is "number one" and in control of the worlds resources?
  5. Perhaps we should contact Donny for advice. Seems like he knows more than anyone on this subject. Perhaps we can inject ourselves with disinfectant as this is what he had stated.
  6. Everything is a conspiracy. If that is true, this is the one that tops them all as it involves the entire world. I'd love to hear how someone can justify this. BTW, the earth is flat, there was no moon landing ever, and 911 was coordinated by the gov't.
  7. I love it when someone has intimate knowledge on the subject and yet someone who has an opinion that differs with said knowledge disagrees. Yet their second sentence states "I’d like to hear everyone’s take on this." Seems to be the common theme. Opinions trump fact (not a play on words but fitting).
  8. The key point that has already been stated is that the electrical infrastructure is insufficient to support this. There are always threats of brownouts in the summer when AC units overpower the grid. We all know what the additional load from a home charger will impose on the system. Second question is what additional tax will be imposed not only to support this overhaul, but also will be transferred from the taxes imposed on gasoline for road maintenance? And that will be placed on every citizen, whether they like it or not.
  9. fcboats


    And I'm sure you believe the 3 guys involved in killing Ahmaud Arbery will be dismissed too. It is Ahmaud's fault for trying to be fit while two fat ****s killed him.
  10. To list an ad in the boat classifieds, you now have to pay at $89 fee?
  11. They are referring to the Ontario record. This is the current holder: Coho Salmon (recordfishcanada.com)
  12. Thanks for the clarification. My response was based on what was identified in 2020 and I was unaware of the COVID restrictions extended to boats and fishing water of each country. Strange that there were CDN's able to fish US waters this spring without incident. And for whatever reason, I know that the 1000 Islands St. Lawrence area has been a bit of a hot point in the past several years for anglers. I was aware of confiscations due to angling in CDN waters without the proper angling licenses in the past but not with proper paperwork. Strange.
  13. Not 100% accurate. US anglers are fine as long as they do not plan on docking in Canada. All that is required is a CAN fishing license. Similar applies to CAN anglers who wish to fish in US waters - they require a US license. No baiting of birds are allowed in CAN waters.
  14. So true - depends on the years of manufacture as well. I knew of an individual who went through 4 powerheads under warranty. How sad is that.
  15. Serious question - are you related to this guy?
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