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  1. That would be cool to see, remind me to never dangle my feet in the water off the coast of NJ
  2. If your talking about tying a loop in the tag end as opposed to using a snap, my buddy uses snap to snap connections all the time because it's easier and a time saver, and he still catches fish, way more than me and I use a loop.
  3. Hello everyone. I've been trying to find an answer through previous posts with no luck. My question, when fishing spoons, flatlining, dipsey or downrigging, is it proper to use a snap to attach the spoon? Just wondering about the proper action of the spoon and which is the preferred method, snap or no snap. I read somewhere that spoons that do not come with a split ring out of the box are supposed to be run without the ring, so a snap makes sense. Thoughts?
  4. Hello everyone, what time of year do you start downriggin for salmon. My buddy and I have been out a few times on our yaks, I went out to 40' and marked a few fish at 25'. I was told that some species come in shallow at this time of year. I'm out of Whitby, Ontario, water temp was low 40's. Thankyou
  5. Hello everyone, my buddy put me on to this forum and I hope to steal some knowledge from other members. I've always been a steelhead/bass angler but last year I gave downrigging a try on Lake O, out of Whitby, Ontario. Man, what a steep learning curve downrigging is, it's completely different from anything I've done before, and yes I made my fair share ( probably too many ) mistakes last season. I drive a 16'9" Lowe with a 90 4 stroke, great for calm days, not so great for choppy days. I'm cutting my teeth on dipsy's and recently purchased my first downrigger, a manual Invader series. The issue I was having was my narrow gunnels, too narrow for a track system, hopefully the Invader will solve this issue. I'm taking baby steps into this stuff and hoping for a successful year, last year I caught 3 lol. Anyway, have a safe year out there, may the fish gods be generous to us all. Jason
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