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  1. With out any doubt, it is Otterman!
  2. `Town Marine, I should have guessed! They were a thorn in my side a few years back, sounds like your on the right track now Sea. Best of luck in Ohio!
  3. bandrus1 I have a Sportsman 195 and believe my stock tank is 24gal.
  4. That blows, same thing happen to me last year, I wonder if having LOU stickers on my stuff would have helped. I never heard anything after that. Hopefully one of our members hears or knows someone involved! It just plane sucks, Good luck to you.
  5. Way to stick it out Lineman1! Congrats
  6. Nice fish NICK, Ken said to hop on one foot while reeling!
  7. What a pig! Congrats on your p.b.
  8. Welcome fishking 79, Let us know what kind of gear you have, such as boat, riggers, dipsies, rods, speedtemp etc. that way we might be able to steer you in the right direction.
  9. Don't fix it if it's not broke, seems like your maint. schedule is excellent!
  10. That's gonna pay off big TIME- Bucks "o" plenty, Great job.