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  1. How can you not get a derby ticket? Too bad, nice fish!
  2. Very nice fish, you guys will catch loc fish soon! (Brown) W.T.G.
  3. Good info. Thx for sharing, Good luck with install-
  4. Nice fish, you guys have that rig dialed! Im thinking of a heavy box this Weekend. Goodluck
  5. Love that sound! Well played, those Flagship rods can take some abuse. Congrats
  6. That's totally awesome, congrats! What a great story.
  7. Great lever action rifle,I have to in the 308 and 300 Savage. It could be worth more then you may think. There is a good bit of info on U- tube, having shell counter on magazine and gold trigger add to value. -
  8. After you check your T-stats, and still have a problem, look at your Poppet valve. Is it running hot?
  9. Speedie, Congrats on your new purchase, even tho it may not feel like it right now. Check the connection of your live well pump on the inside of your transom, Iam working on a 91 which had the same prob. Also one other tip I can recommend is buy another bilge pump and connect with a short piece of hose just in case.Wire pump with alligator clips for emergencies. Keep all the transom holes plugged and you should be fine! Just a few things to work out and you'll have a very fine rig! Good fishing
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