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  1. Best trolling motor battery

    2 batteries in parallel would be best. I have good luck with the everstarts at Walmart
  2. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Thanks King Slammin! I have a 180 SuperFisherman and love it as well. Looking for something a little bigger and sadly they do not make a 196 any longer. The STX is a possibility but research tells me you need at least a 200hp in order to resell the boat. I personally don't need to go 50MPH and the extra cost for the Verado is significant $6K.
  3. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    It's clear the fish master is the better big lake boat. The Trophy seems better setup for bass fishing as you can reach the water front and back for lipping fish and washing hands. Maybe lists less because of smaller dead rise but just speculating. Do love the ride in the starcraft which is second to none among aluminum boats. decisions decisions....
  4. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Thanks everyone. Still not decided but getting closer.
  5. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Thanks Karmakaze! Do you ever cast out of the front of the boat? Can you reach the water in the back to wash off your hands?
  6. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Thanks for all the comments! Still confused and Making the decision this week. Between the trophy 205 and the fish master 196. Fishmaster seems better for big water and trolling and trophy kind of a do it all boat with lower sides and less dead rise. How is bass fishing out of each of these? I do 50% bass fishing/casting and 40% drifting with 10% trolling. This may change going forward.
  7. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    bay tech - I hear good things about the 205 competitor tiller. There are a couple good videos on youtube
  8. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Dublin Up - Is the 205 a dry ride in 3' waves?
  9. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    I have an 18' SuperFisherman and the hull is amazing at cutting big waves without a doubt. I'm hearing good things about the Trophy and big water too though.
  10. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Supposedly the Trophy has a track already built into the rail. Asked salesman about bert's tracks and he said some are. putting them right on the door. Not crazy about the hatches on the gunnels either
  11. Starcraft or Alumacraft?

    Starcraft or Alumacraft? Hello, I fish half the time out of Buffalo Harbor for Bass and the other half on Conesus lake for Bass and pike. I don't troll often but may start to try for Walleye this year and also try to troll for Musky on Conesus. Looking at a 196 Fishmaster, 205 Trophy, and a 205 Competitor. Seems the 196 is best for trolling and the 205 competitor is best for bass fishing/casting. The Trophy may be the best compromise but I'm looking for input from others on Ride, fishability, trolling, etc. Thanks!
  12. How much are you looking for on theStarcraft 

    1. seadragon


      Was asking $24K but need to move it before spring so will take $20,500.  Give me a ring if you want to take a look.  It's south of Rochester in my garage.   585-346-0545

  13. I have an 18' SuperFisherman for sale. 2011 in great shape. Has a 115 Evinrude and Minn Kota Trolling motor. Not a 4stroke but runs strong. Hit me up at 585-346-0545.
  14. Leaking Live Well Intake

    Have 2011 super fisherman and have the same problem. I just plugged the drain hole on back of boat as i don't use the live well either.