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  1. Brand new never used. 100 pickup erie pa or 106 shipped. PayPal
  2. I'm looking for 2 down rod holders for my tracks... lmk what you have thx
  3. These are new, without packaging. Phantoms and bandits..Couple custom bandits. $95 shipped
  4. New with tags. 2x.. $120 shipped to you!!
  5. Have any clear? I paint my own
  6. I'm looking to upgrade to wave pros if anyone is selling... looking for 2!
  7. Dave, I private messaged you a few days ago.. usps !
  8. Yes sir !!! I am in ohio all good haven't been online! Thank you
  9. Yep. Paypal or check. Either or. They are really nice and were alot more when I bought them !
  10. No they are professional..fine tune welding..they make them everyday. Just thought I'd use them
  11. Yes absolutely all tracks far as I know
  12. Id like to sell these before the season. Never used just getting scratches up from constantly moving around... didn't find the time to use them like I thought I would. Swivel bases, offset bottom for dipsy as well. $375 shipped.
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