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  1. I have the platform off right now. Re finishing it.
  2. Hello, This is my first post here. I am.planning to mount my kicker on my swim platform. Steering will be accomplished via Garmin reactor 40 kicker autopilot. I'm using a panther swim platform mount. My question is, where is the best location to mount it. Thanks in advance. J.D.
  3. I sent you a text. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Gotcha! I've watched a couple. One that he sent me about making the loop with the 19 strand. But haven't seen the one going from weighted steel to the swivel. I'll YouTube it til I find it. Thanks!
  5. Problem solved! Gasman sent me a diagram for a 6 pin DPDT toggle. Flip it up til the retrieve is complete, flip it off and done. Down is still momentary. Thanks for your replies. Thanks again Gasman. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Are there any videos showing how to connect Torpedo weighted steel, to Torpedo 19 strand steel backup line?
  7. Hmmmm. I have 3 prong switches, they will NOT stay up. Must be bad switches?
  8. Is my switch supposed to stay in the up position?
  9. Sk8man, the switch wont stay in the up position. It is a 3 prong switch.
  10. Greetings! I bought a boat last year, With 4 of the Canon Mag 10A already installed. It's a. 88 Chris craft 215 Seahawk. I assume the Cannons are atleast 88 or newer. Is there a replacement switch for continuous up? My switches are only momentary. I've heard of a 4 prong switch. Will this work? This is what is installed now. thanks in advance. J.D.
  11. JDMAG


    I'm new here. I hail from Kansas Ohio. My boat, "The Stella Mary B." Is a 1988 Chris Craft 215 Seahawk. Set up for Walleye in Lake Erie, and Salmon in Lake Ontario. I fish out of Olcott NY for salmon, and Port Clinton Ohio for Walleye and Perch. Thanks for allowing me to join.
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