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  1. I live on Hamlin Center and the size of the flocks on our road and along 19 is pretty amazing.. Have lived here for 15 years and never saw flocks so big!!
  2. We had blue birds at our house in Hamlin yesterday.
  3. Just curious, what did you shoot it with?
  4. One of the techs at Vortex (was on the phone talking to him in regards to an issue I was having) told me never to fire a scopes gun in a Lead Sled.. he said it does not allow the “energy” to release and can break the optics.. just curious if anyone else has a view on this or an experience with an optic breaking. I have always found mine to be a great tool for sighting in so was surprised to hear this view.
  5. I would start with checking the scope mounts and if that is all fine, I would make sure the rings are seated properly (was a torque driver used to mount scope?) and if that checks out, I would be getting a new scope... Something is not right, and you work too hard to get into position on a mature buck to have equipment failures. Just my opinion.
  6. Just curious, are leases readily available in the area? What is the going rate per acre?
  7. What a perfect Xmas present.. can’t wait to see a very well deserved buck!!
  8. Always amazes me that anything can survive out there in temps and windchills like that. Super tough animals!!
  9. Check out Lane's in Dansville.. I have used him for deer mounts, but have always been impressed with his fish when I have been in his shop.. Home - Lane's Taxidermy (lanestaxidermy.com)
  10. They call that “sizeflation”…. It is a new technical Term for getting screwed.. happenings everywhere…
  11. I believe they just changed the bottle... I believe the price increase is due to the lack of availability.. I have heard of people paying over $100 a bottle on gunbroker..
  12. Just an FYI.. Cabelas appears to have Blackhorn 209 in stock on-line.. I placed an order on Friday (ship to store) and it went thru, got a confirmation and it let me select 4 bottles... Still a bit skeptical, but we will see
  13. If it works on horses…. we have a horse farm and that is our go to spray..
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