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  1. Great pics.. Awesome way to make the best out of the current situation. I am sure will remember today for a very long time!!
  2. Is that a spy point cell cam? how do you like it.. I think I saw that model on sale at walmart the other day for like $100
  3. can definitely see why you would be bummed, but that is a lot to look forward to in 2020... I hope you meet him then!!!
  4. I keep hearing great things about Costco meat..
  5. What temp do you smoke it at? Looks great... I have had great success with everything in my smoker except brisket, so very interested to hear how you do it (assuming you do not mind sharing).
  6. Great Buck!! I was going to make a similar comment around the 4 wheeler... Would live to hear how you get it in the van... winch?
  7. Tomb


    Wow, this is a screaming good deal.. Anyone that needs one, do not pass it up
  8. I have a John Deere 246 Corn Planter for sale. Perfect for food plots.. I purchased it from someone whose father bought it new and always stored in inside. I have stored inside since I bought it 3 years ago. It is complete and everything works... It also includes 5 additional sets of seed plates (in addition to the ones in it that I have used to plant corn). Lastly, I have the original Operators Manual that came with it when new. Most of these planters you come across are a rusty mess and seldom do you find them with all 4 seed and fertilizer lids. I don’t need to sell it so now low ball offers.. also cash only. It is located at my camp, which is just outside of Nunda. $1000 you can email me at [email protected] or call/text me at 585 738 9163. I have pics and can email or text to you
  9. I own numerous Vortex optics.. my opinion is that they are VERY good for the money and have served me well... as for the warranty , keep in mind it is a no questions asked warranty, so you are protected against “operator error”.. in my case i broke the adjustable eye piece on my binos.. I sent them back to vortex and received them back a week later.. they were like new and professionally cleaned... I got 3 emails over the course of the week, one when they received them, the second when the technician was assigned and a third when they were shipped back.. I was pretty impressed!! Legacy, I have a savage 220 and live in hamlin.. if you are interested in shooting one before buying let me know and we can figure something out.. as others have said it is a tack driver...
  10. How big was that one at the bottom? Looks massive... Well done!
  11. Looks are not important, just looking for something functional for the farm pond at camp.. Don't have a ton of $$$$ to spend, but want to see if anyone has one they are willing to part with for a reasonable amount. You can PM me here. Thx! Tom
  12. Tomb

    Lake O

    People don't believe you these days when you tell them that "back in the day" you used to be able to go out by hedges and catch 50 bass in a few hours. It was fairly common for us... It was a lot of fun growing up out there fishing with my father!!!
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