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  1. try the Firing Pin in Bergen area.. Last time I was there they had the best selection of rifle ammo I had seen in a while...
  2. Very cool footage.. Just curious, how far was the shot?
  3. You got her the right tool for the job... Got to love those tack drivers! Kudos to her for delivering a great shot!
  4. I saw 5 bucks this morning in 2 hours.. 15 points between all 5 of them.. big guys appear to be moving after hours.. I expect that to change soon.. this is in southern Livingston county.
  5. Very cool!! thanks for sharing the experience
  6. Starting to get a little frisky…
  7. Tomb


    I want your barn!!
  8. Are the Ravin crossbows legal to hunt with in NYS? I recall there being a minimum limb width (uncocked) of like 16 or 18 inches...
  9. One thing to consider…. These days it is easy to sell things without a broker involved…. One thought would be to pick a number that would make you happy.. if that is $65k, add $5k to it and put it on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.. even if you get the $65k you want, you are further ahead and don’t have to pay an agent 6%.. try it for 2 weeks and if it doesn’t work then Turn it over to an agent.. like someone else said, there are not a lot of properties around where you get 140+ deer consistently..
  10. Good condition 2 bottom plow.. priced to sell $375 firm message me here or text me at 585 seven three eight 9163
  11. I have a Deerborne 2 bottom plow in good shape.. $425
  12. I have a Ten Point.. Waited until they switched models and got a very good deal on one as it was "older" technology (less than you are looking to spend) and am very happy with it. plenty fast a quiet for my liking.
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