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  1. wow, are they lucky to have such a knowledgeable mentor!!!
  2. Wow!! I guess so.. just curious had you seen him before or hand him on camera or did he show up post season?
  3. I have tried corn at my camp and have planted as much as 5 acres... In almost all cases, it was gone by mid December.. I am much more a fan of planting a mix of brassica and turnips as it provides much necessary food after the rut winds down and winter takes hold... The deer will dig thru 2 feet of snow to get to the bulbs after the greens are gone! Much easier to plant too!!
  4. Amazing deer... Puts you in a very exclusive club..
  5. They really are amazing shotguns.. I have shot out to 200 yards on the range and the results are really amazing!! not to mention they are very pleasant shooting.. not like the 12ga 870 I grew up on..
  6. my cell cameras blew up this morning with small bucks... Same camera was getting almost exclusively mature bucks 2 weeks ago... just going thru different "phases".. As we know and love, everything changes drastically this time of year.. things are about to get really good I think..
  7. I am also interested in hearing the answer to this question.
  8. that really puts things in perspective.. Well done, made some great memories today and hopefully got a young man hooked for life!!
  9. awesome job!!! It is a huge accomplishment to target a specific mature buck and make it happen.. Well done!
  10. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see a pic
  11. I have a brand new in box Spy Point Link Micro LTE camera.. I bought 4, 3 for myself and 1 for someone else and that person backed out. Got them on sale at Cabelas for $100, plus tax.. Would like to get $100, as I don't want to deal with returning. I have been happy with the cameras.. Had one minor issue with one of the ones deployed, but updated firmware and all is good. I love getting the real time pictures!! Text me at 585 seven three eight 9163
  12. And likely surfacing because something is feeding on them from below.. when I used to fish in Maine we would sight fish and look for bait surfacing.. always found smallmouth under them..
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