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  1. Starting to get a little frisky…
  2. Tomb


    I want your barn!!
  3. Are the Ravin crossbows legal to hunt with in NYS? I recall there being a minimum limb width (uncocked) of like 16 or 18 inches...
  4. One thing to consider…. These days it is easy to sell things without a broker involved…. One thought would be to pick a number that would make you happy.. if that is $65k, add $5k to it and put it on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.. even if you get the $65k you want, you are further ahead and don’t have to pay an agent 6%.. try it for 2 weeks and if it doesn’t work then Turn it over to an agent.. like someone else said, there are not a lot of properties around where you get 140+ deer consistently..
  5. Good condition 2 bottom plow.. priced to sell $375 firm message me here or text me at 585 seven three eight 9163
  6. Updated price.. $375 firm
  7. I have a Deerborne 2 bottom plow in good shape.. $425
  8. I have a Ten Point.. Waited until they switched models and got a very good deal on one as it was "older" technology (less than you are looking to spend) and am very happy with it. plenty fast a quiet for my liking.
  9. Wow... Awesome buck!! Just curious, what did it score!! what a beast!
  10. I read an article about it and have done some research and it seem really interesting.. vry impressive ballistics!!
  11. Tomb

    7,15 ,21

    love that pic of him holding the SMB.. Could his smile be any bigger?
  12. where did you get it from?
  13. great job.. What are peoples estimates of what that fish would weight in 5 or 6 weeks.. Just curious
  14. I fished with Applejack when I was a kid and met your father a number of times.. Those guys knew how to get it done. It is great that you have so many fond memories. RIP
  15. wow, are they lucky to have such a knowledgeable mentor!!!
  16. Wow!! I guess so.. just curious had you seen him before or hand him on camera or did he show up post season?
  17. I have tried corn at my camp and have planted as much as 5 acres... In almost all cases, it was gone by mid December.. I am much more a fan of planting a mix of brassica and turnips as it provides much necessary food after the rut winds down and winter takes hold... The deer will dig thru 2 feet of snow to get to the bulbs after the greens are gone! Much easier to plant too!!
  18. Amazing deer... Puts you in a very exclusive club..
  19. They really are amazing shotguns.. I have shot out to 200 yards on the range and the results are really amazing!! not to mention they are very pleasant shooting.. not like the 12ga 870 I grew up on..
  20. my cell cameras blew up this morning with small bucks... Same camera was getting almost exclusively mature bucks 2 weeks ago... just going thru different "phases".. As we know and love, everything changes drastically this time of year.. things are about to get really good I think..
  21. I am also interested in hearing the answer to this question.
  22. that really puts things in perspective.. Well done, made some great memories today and hopefully got a young man hooked for life!!
  23. awesome job!!! It is a huge accomplishment to target a specific mature buck and make it happen.. Well done!
  24. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see a pic
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