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  1. Thx my wife messaged him via Facebook and we are just waiting to hear back.
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this... Looking for a concrete contractor to pour a pad for a hot tub in the Hamlin area. Just figured someone on this site may be able to reference someone. Thx!
  3. I've got a couple people coming into town late July for work and they want to do some fishing. I have always wanted to do a Niagra River bass charter and thought that might be fun. Anyone know how the fishing is that time of year. I would assume it is good timing, but never fished the river. Also wondering if upper or lower river is better. Any advice on charters to consider? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Tomb


    These tracks were outside our barn in Hamlin this evening.. that is a can of cat food for scale.. I am leaning towards fox but curious on others opinions..
  5. what caliber you shooting, just curious?
  6. I have planted corn and have had success in doing so.. The problem I have with corn is that everything likes it and at the end of the day you can plant a few acres and it does not amount to much sustainable food (for the most part you get one ear per stalk, maybe 2). Between the birds, turkey, racoons (you will be amazed how much they can eat), deer, etc.. whenever I have planted corn it was essentially gone by mid-November... I like Brassica because it provides the bucks something substantial to eat coming out of the rut..... Part of it depends on what your goal is... hunting plot? post rut food source?
  7. I find that they usually eat the greens first and then once the greens are gone they focus more on the bulbs. I think this year has been a little odd because we have had almost zero snow cover and there is tons of food everywhere... It almost seems like sometimes they know the bulbs are there, but they leave them for when they really need them... If we get a foot of snow, I am willing to bet my plots will be all dug up because they know they are there and will go after them.
  8. It is kind of "funny"... Woke up to this one this morning...
  9. Cause of death… Cardiac arrest! Well done
  10. Wow!!! How wide is he? Very well done!!
  11. Always interesting the difference area to area…. yesterday it was like that for me in northern Livingston county.. most of the bigger bucks during daylight hours.. this morning just doe and small bucks..
  12. Sold, pending finalization of transaction
  13. Caldwell Lead Sled Plus and 2 25 pound cast iron weights.. great for sighting in your rifles or shotgun.. $80 PM me here
  14. His sausage is great and very reasonably priced!!!
  15. Does anyone know if you can even get them anymore in the Rochester area? I called Mitchell's and he said the guy in the area that used to do them is no longer.
  16. What fisherman21 recommended is pretty solid.. I have killed deer out to 185 yards with mine (shooting off of a solid rest).. The really are great guns..
  17. I live on Hamlin Center and the size of the flocks on our road and along 19 is pretty amazing.. Have lived here for 15 years and never saw flocks so big!!
  18. We had blue birds at our house in Hamlin yesterday.
  19. Just curious, what did you shoot it with?
  20. One of the techs at Vortex (was on the phone talking to him in regards to an issue I was having) told me never to fire a scopes gun in a Lead Sled.. he said it does not allow the “energy” to release and can break the optics.. just curious if anyone else has a view on this or an experience with an optic breaking. I have always found mine to be a great tool for sighting in so was surprised to hear this view.
  21. I would start with checking the scope mounts and if that is all fine, I would make sure the rings are seated properly (was a torque driver used to mount scope?) and if that checks out, I would be getting a new scope... Something is not right, and you work too hard to get into position on a mature buck to have equipment failures. Just my opinion.
  22. Just curious, are leases readily available in the area? What is the going rate per acre?
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