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  1. Do you want just the arm or the whole downrigger? I have 2 arms when I went to long Arma.
  2. What does ttt mean? Is it still available ? James
  3. do you still have this reel? If so, text me and i can make a trip down to you. James 315-408-8246
  4. Is this still available? If so, please text me and I will take it. Cell is 315-408-8246. If you call please leave a message otherwise I will think it is spam. Text works too. James
  5. Is this still available? I have a HDS-7 gen1 and a HDS-5 gen 2 but I want to add an autopilpt and the gen 5 screen is too small for me. James
  6. $400? I will take it. I have a Fishmaster 196 and have been looking for one. Let me know how I can pay you and pick up, etc. James Cell-315-408-8246
  7. Lety me check my garage later today but that looks exactly what I had on my boat before last year when I got a Captain's rocket launcher from a charter boat Captain who was hanging his had up. I actually broke the big black real that the line goes on with fiberglass (cloth and resin) and mine is o a 6foot mast plus another 12-16 inches because it is mounted on a seat pedestal. I will get back to you later this afternoon/evening. I was kind of hoping to fine a new reel and seklk James Conlin Cell- 315-408-8246
  8. Do you still have this rocket launcher? Text me at 315-408-8246. I am very interested. James
  9. Where are you located? I would like to know the width of the rocket launcher and I will measure my boat beam today if that helps. Please text me at 315-408-8246 and my name is James
  10. Is this still available. Text me at 315-408-8246. James
  11. Where are you located? Feel free to text me and put Radar Arch in your text. James 315-408-8246
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