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  1. I actually bought one exactly like this mounted on a seat pole that fits in the front of my boat where the seat goes when I fish for bass which is very rare. Thank you. James
  2. I am interested. Where are you located? Text me at 315-408-8246 James
  3. I want to confirm that the mast will sit in the seat base? If so, I want to purchase the planer mast and can pick it up this weekend. I am in Black River and only about 30 to 35 minutes from Mannsville. James 315-408-8246
  4. hmmm, I still like these downrigger rod holders. I am still wondering if they will attach on top of my downrigger extensions. I am going to have to seriously think about these guys. Why can't I just have all the money in the world to spend as I wish? And I have to pick the boat up tomorrow after having to drain the oil, change the plugs, and replace one coil that goes over the spark plugs. I am pretty sure that the dealer that service it overfilled it with oil but how do you prove it??? I should have drained the oil myself just to make sure that my hunch was right. The coil cost $110 and I drove an hour to get it instead of letting the company that was working on it, order it from Mercury and wait an extra week. Within an hour it was up and working and I can pick up my baby in the morning. Fish on this weekend!
  5. Nice chatting with you on the phone last night. Are there any bases with these riggers or would I have to figure that out? And I checked the planer masts but that is not the type of planer mast and reels that I am looking for. James
  6. Not sure but wondering if you could ship this item of if it is too big? I am in Watertown and Oak Orchard is a long drive for me. Text me and let me know. 315-408-8246 James
  7. I am in on this one! Great idea! I have to scroll through 10 pages to look for what I am looking for. Hopefully whoever is running the website will be able to figure out some subcategories. James
  8. Question on the downriggers? $500 for both or $500 each? Text me at 315-408-8246. Thank you James
  9. I will take the Hummingbird as far as it has the transducer and power cables and I have cash! From reading the description it is brand new and I am looking for a friend to square his boat away. Text me at 315-408-8246. My name is James and I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Do you know if the bases fit i the standard Bert's track system? Feel free to text me at 315-408-8246 James
  11. Do you know if the autopilot is for a hydrauic steering. Feel free to text me at 315-405-8246 James
  12. will the Lowrance Elite 4 transducer work with my Lowrance HDS 5?
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