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  1. Does the unit come with the transducer? Thank you , James
  2. karmakaze


    Nice fish
  3. I have 2- Cannon Mag 10a downriggers, extendable booms with an extra housing, motor, and a gear. I bought the extra motor and gear just in case I ever had a problem. (NEVER NEEDED IT) The motor was tested at a local marina and it works. Both of the downriggers work and I have been using them the last 3 to 4 years with no problems. I have found that the 10 lb balls work best as the 12 lb balls come up slow and I don't have a lot of patience. For fishing salmon in 50 to 100 feet I have never had a problem. These do not have auto stop. The cables and connections are fine and intact. I am asking $300 for the two riggers, swivel bases, and the extra motor, housing and gear. Please text me at 315-408-8246. I am in the Black River/Watertown area and can meet from Henderson to Oswego as I fish up and down the coast.
  4. Ok, let me think about it. Little short on cash at the moment.
  5. How much for the Bosch motors?
  6. Text me tomorrow. James
  7. Call me 315-408-8246 so we can make arrangements. Would like to oick up tomorrow or Thursday.
  8. Am I first in line to purchase the riggers? If so, I will make arrangements accordingly and get my butt down your way before the weekend. James
  9. Ok, I am definitely interested. Located in Black River, right outside of Fort Drum. I could drive to Rome. Do they have the swivel bases? And feel free to text me if you want at 315-408-8246. James
  10. Cool that's what I'm looking for
  11. karmakaze

    custom downrigger weights

    Can You send me a text? I have bought half a dozen in the past. I lost one last year so I am down to 3 - 12 lb balls. I need one 12 pounder. James text me at 3 15-408-8246
  12. I was too busy putting on my annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet Friday and Saturday to get with you. If you still have them, I am still interested. let me know. James