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  1. I remember the day I brought home my Chocolate, nearly 18 years ago. I had the best Lab ever.... don't know if I can handle another... God Bless, nothing like the love of a good dog.
  2. I have accepted a deal at this point, if anything should happen to change things, I'll let you know.
  3. Cable, it's a wheel pilot style. It turns the steering wheel. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Auto pilot -Sport Pilot Plus... What's it worth. Hey guys, I'm looking at replacing my Sport Pilot Plus (working) Autopilot. I bought an HDS 12 two years ago and am thinking of adding the new Lowrance Autopilot. I'm told that the Sport Pilot has pretty good value to the guys that know about it. It remains one of the most popular units. Before I do any research. ..... Anyone that would be interested, please PM me with your thoughts on it's value. As I get down the road a bit, I will probably sell it off. I'm thinking that the buyer can see it in action, then help remove it, so they understand how to install it. Appreciate any and all thoughts.
  5. $600 Long shaft - 20 in.
  6. $650 - Long shaft = 20in.
  7. $650 - Long Shaft (20 in).
  8. See my classified post. Planer mast - Cannon.
  9. Sorry, I got copied on your post, thought it was for my planer mast and twin reels. I purchase the reels from Fishinchef.
  10. Yes, I'm located in Clarence NY
  11. $650, includes fuel line, no tank.