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  1. I'm in metro Buffalo area... are you close?
  2. Will these bolt onto hardtop rails and supports?? Can you send me pic of mounting side?
  3. Enjoying the boat, only used it a handful of times so far. Getting the trailer rebuilt this week. Broken springs no brakes. Hope to get to lake O soon. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I'll try to get a pic in the next two days as I am fishing in a tournament on Saturday.
  5. i have a single transom mounting cannon short boom.
  6. Yes, I have three swivel bases and two dual rod holders.
  7. Sorry Guys, I've been out of town. OK..... I'm not sure if my LOTSA membership has expired or not. I usually sign up this time of year. I still have all three riggers, three swivel bases, two dual rod holders and two side mount holders. Again, I don't use Big Jon, they cam on the boat I bought in June and I took them off after checking their operation, which worked fine.
  8. New Price. 2 riggers at 52 inch $150 each 1 rigger at 42 inch $100 3 swivel bases $50 each 2 dual rod holders $50 each
  9. I am not going to split the remaining gear until the riggers are sold. Basically, Two riggers with twin rod holder, adjustable, and swivel base at $300 each One rigger with two individual static rod holders, and swivel base $275 All Big Jon Brand.
  10. Down to $200 each for Big Jon Riggers add $100 each with twin rod holder and swivel base.
  11. $300..total for all three?