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  1. $300 for all. Need them out of the garage.
  2. Clarence NY, near buffalo airport
  3. I have 2 Scotty swivel bases and 2 Pedestal bases that I can't use. Swivel bases - $175 for pair, Pedestals - $175 pair. I can text pics as requested.
  4. please send me a number to text them to. I seem to be having a problem emailing them so I can post them. I have sent them via text so I know that works.
  5. Each rigger has a single and an double rod holder, total of three on each.
  6. I'm replacing my MAG 10 Cannons with 40 inch boom. Both in working order and used last weekend for a tournament. $550 for the pair. With covers. Pics to follow or by request.
  7. Still available.? I'm in Buffalo area...
  8. Which model? and length of boom>?
  9. I'm interested. 24 in boom? Dan - Buffalo
  10. danley4

    Stainless prop

    Not sure if I'll need to change or not. Having a problem getting a new engine to put out more than 3500 rpm, when it should WOT 4800. It may be a prop problem, but I won't know for another week as I'm waiting for a new ignition module to arrive and be installed. Where are you located? and what's your bottom line, as I have not shopped them yet, but may have to go smaller prop to get the engine where it needs to be.
  11. danley4

    Stainless prop

    still available?
  12. I'd be interested in the Scotty Riggers if you get to the point of splitting this beauty up. Just PM if you get to that point. Hope she sells for you. Nice boat.....