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  1. Do you still have this rocket launcher? Text me at 315-408-8246. I am very interested. James
  2. Where are you located? I would like to know the width of the rocket launcher and I will measure my boat beam today if that helps. Please text me at 315-408-8246 and my name is James
  3. Is this still available. Text me at 315-408-8246. James
  4. Where are you located? Feel free to text me and put Radar Arch in your text. James 315-408-8246
  5. can you measure the base that attaches to the boat? I have bird trees and modified them from my local Metal Man and they work great. James
  6. do you have any of these available? I am interested in two of them. Text me at 315-408-8246 James
  7. Do you have any photos? Are these the ones that fold up? I am very interested!!! text me at 315-408-8246 James
  8. Yes they are still for sale. Text me at 315-408-8246 James
  9. I have 4 cannon mag10's that I will be selling in the next week or so. Where are you located. My canon's have extendable booms but I have short booms too. Text me. I am in Black River near Watertown. James 315-408-8246
  10. I do not travel to Detroit. Do you want me to see what shipping would cost and we could split the cost of shipping? Jamesd
  11. I used these for salmon and walleye with 10lb weights and never had any issues. Somebody? Anybody? Trade?
  12. I would be interested in the planer boards if you split them up. Text me at 315-408-8246 James
  13. why don't you get a set of better downriggers? I have two electric Walker downriggers and two Cannon Mag 10's with the newer Bosch motors in them. Feel free to text me. I have a couple of smaller downrigger balls that I have never used. Let me weigh them and I will get back to you. Feel free to text me. James 315-408-8246
  14. karmakaze

    Sold / Closed 2002 Parker 2510

    Awesome boat! Just Saying! James
  15. Is this for manual or hydraulic steering? James
  16. I have a pair of Walker downriggers that have been taken up space in my garage. One has a little ding at the top as you can see in the photo but doesn't affect how they function. They have 36 inch booms, the bases have 4 adjusting slots, the wire and terminator ends are like new. I hooked them up yesterday to test them out and I actually think they are faster than my old Cannon 10a's. $250 and they are yours, just hook them up and go. Text or call me (James) at 315-408-8246.I am right outside of Watertown and can meet from here to Salmon Country (Mexico Point).
  17. Sir, do you still have this tackle? I can come down in the next couple of days and buy it from you. James ....Cell number is 315-408-8246
  18. No big deal! Call the number at the place where you pay. Happened twice to to us two days in a row.
  19. I have 9 yellow inline planer boards that I am no longer using and they are taking space in the garage, There are 5 left boards and 4 right boards. All of the flags, weights, clips, and swivels are present and working. Selling as a lot for $135. I will be fishing this weekend out of Mexico Point boat launch if anyone is interested. Feel free to text at 315-408-8246. James
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