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  1. Would you consider selling the yellow/red spotted ones separately? Let me know either way.
  2. I use nine foot MH rods for my wire dipsy rods. Don't see why you could not use those M rods for wire, LC or mono high lines.
  3. Local library just announced that they are going to have a cricut machine available for the public in a few weeks. Hoping I can make it work. Any advice you can share in that regard would be greatly appreciated.
  4. +1 Bought two spools last spring. Respooled one reel and have the second in the box for a spare. Good stuff and at a fair price. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/98982-2 brand new-spools-of-dipsy-wire-line/
  5. https://www.ebay.com/str/madrivercustomfishingtackle
  6. They look pretty sweet. The craftsman in me wants to jump in with both feet. Can buy a lot of die cuts online for that kind of coin. I have been buying tape from flashertape.com and mad river. Any other sources I should be looking at?
  7. Those look great. Are you using scissors or something else? Give me the skinny...
  8. Who makes the "game over" spoon? Can't seem to find a pic.
  9. I know this gets asked a lot, but I am getting ready to buy/paint some spoons for the upcoming season and would like to know what worked for everyone last year. Plus, this forum seems to be a bit slow right now. So give me your five "won't leave the dock without 'em" spoons. If there are some new ones that have piqued your curiosity, tell me about those too.
  10. Thinking about buying some UV die cuts and putting them on the back of some spoons. Waste of time? Curious if anyone has done the same and what the results were.
  11. Nice package at a fair price. If you decide to split things up, I would be interested in the spoons.
  12. I would add PK to DJH's list of blank sellers. In addition to die cuts, DUEFB also sells blanks - paddles and big fish. Some have fins, some don't. Paddles with fins are cheaper from PK. In case you aren't aware, Mad River has a bunch of die cuts that you can buy on their ebay store. Good guy to deal with. https://prokingspoons.com/flashers-1/ https://www.fishingluretape.com/
  13. Any advice on glow paint for spoons? Saw the glow blanks that LPO sells and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Any other recommendations for glow blanks would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks to everyone for their response. J.D. - That's one of the pics I was thinking about when I asked the question. I have an extra pair of rod holders. May follow your lead.
  15. Was looking through some pics of trolling set-ups and found a few where the rod holder was on the track/gunnel behind the rigger and the rod was off the side of the boat like a dipsy. Curious what the rationale is for such a set-up vs using the holder mounted on the rigger. Thoughts?
  16. Two Big Jon rod holders with 12" sections of track. Mounts do not fit Bert's, Traxstech, etc. Came with the boat I bought and I don't need them. Everything works as it should. $160/OBO. Price includes shipping in lower 48.
  17. Two flasher lots. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Big paddles are a mix of challengers and pro trolls. Green spotted PT glows, white spotted PTs have glow tape and the plaid PT is UV. Challengers all have reflective tape on the back. $80/OBO Small paddles are PTs and a Spin Doctor. Three PTs are glow blades, one has glow tape and the Spin Doctor has both glow and UV tape on the back. The remaining PT has disco tape on the front and back. $70/OBO
  18. Put me in line if the divers become available.
  19. Would like to find a pair of downrigger risers/pedestals that fit Traxstech track. The taller the better.
  20. I am with Skinny. I like the high-viz yellow. Makes it easier to keep the lines clear when you have doubles and triples.
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