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  1. Thanks for the response. That is kinda' what I figured. Just wanted to make sure. PITA returning on-line purchases.
  2. Are all track and rod holders interchangeable? Will Bert's holders fit in Traxtech track?
  3. Thinking about adding a second set of dipsies to my spread. Currently run wire dipsies. I see that many people run wire and braid. Is there a benefit to running wire with braid? Why not just run all wire? Is that because they started with braid before they went to wire rigs? Are you limited to rigs you can run on the one side - ie 10" paddles on both rigs? What about rod length? Is it really necessary to have one rod longer than the other? Any tips or advice on making this happen with the least amount of pain would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Have used a Tohatsu 8hp for the last two years with zero issues. Pushes my 19 foot Deep-V nicely and sips gas. Bought it from online outboards.com. Was shipped in a few days and I went and picked it up at the FedEx terminal. Would do it again without hesitation.
  5. No ****. Never had to work so hard to give someone my money. Don't answer emails either.
  6. Another vote for Convectors. Have 30s, 40s and 55s with no issues. Get the high speeds for your longer copper and core rigs. I also run the older version of Diawa's Accudepth 47LCs for my wire lines as well. If the price was the same, I would give the Coldwaters a hard look. Have heard good things about them. Regardless of the brand/model, a smooth drag is key. For older reels, Tuna Tom sells upgrade parts. You can find some shops selling new reels with the drags slready upgraded.
  7. Props to Bikinibottom. Couldn't be more satisfied with my weights.
  8. +1 Here is their web page (still have to buy through e-bay store. Good quality. Ridiculous selection. Good service. Home (fishingluretape.com)
  9. If you are still making weights, I would like a pair of 12 pound torpedos. Let me know and I will send a check your way. Sent you a PM as well.
  10. I'll take them if Outwest passes Let me know if they are still available.
  11. Had some track and rod holders that were thrown in when I bought my boat. I believe the holders are Big Jon and the track and adapter appear to be Tite-Lok (?), but I am not able to find any info on the mount/riser. Hoping someone can give me some insight into what I have here.
  12. Acetone will strip the paint off spoons quickly. Just treat it with respect. Some argue that it's just nail polish remover, but I always wear a mask/gloves and use it in a well-ventilated area.
  13. +1 Put the tape on your pant leg before you put it on your bait. Will stay in place, but won't pull the paint. I also use a circle template from Hobby Lobby, which allows me to change the size of the kill dot. Just mask off the ones next to the one you are using with painter's tape. All that said, eventually you will be able to shoot a dot freehand. The soft edges really make it pop.
  14. My better half gave me one of these for Christmas. Quality product at a fair price. May end up getting a second one.
  15. A bit late to the party. I have gunned quite a few NAVHDA tests over a large variety of versatile breeds. Also owned a GWP and several Pudelpointers. Good advice so far, with respect to GWPs being do-all dogs. I also agree that they can be a bit aggressive towards strangers. Mine was sweet as could be - when I was around. Had little kids pull on her ears and she wouldn't have a care. Also had the mailman, neighbors and school kids all tell me about her trying to take a bite out of them when I wasn't home. She also had separation anxiety something fierce. Had her push a kennel under a window, push it out and go for a run. Was a good field dog and tracked numerous deer for my friends, but the negatives outweighed the positives. Don't regret owning her, but hunting season is only three months long after all. I have friends with Griffons and they are great dogs. They all hunt upland and waterfowl quite well. I almost bought one myself, but went with a Pudelpointer. I will never own another breed. Biddable, well mannered, track, point and will retrieve waterfowl all day. Great dog in the house and have never heard of one being sharp towards people. Even if I quit hunting, I would likely have one for a buddy. Just love their personality. Pic below is my 12 year-old after a hunt for state birds. My other dog was wooly, like a GWP. Check out www.cedarwoodgundogs.com for the history and info on the breed.
  16. I would echo the comments recommending the wire divers. 1000 feet of 30# wire fits a 47 perfectly and costs about $50. Seems most guys end up running wire divers, so it might make sense to start there.
  17. +1 on the Chucks. Canvas dries quickly if they get wet. Can get knock-offs at Walmart for less than $15 a pair. Don't cry when they get dirty or the vamp splits from my extra wide duck feet. Also have a pair of Columbia Bahama Vent boat shoes that slip on, have decent arch support. I wear them when slides won't do. Better half thinks they are kinda' stylish. May try a pair of Dorados this year.
  18. Working on improving my flasher and planer board storage. Need a better antenna too. Wanting to pull the trigger on a Fish Hawk. May need to talk to Hachimo's better half (That's a lucky man right there.)
  19. Thanks guys. Appreciate the insight and the patience.
  20. Not sure I am following you. If you reduce the mono from 50-60' down to ten feet and that ten feet of mono is attached to the wire, how does the "wire sit on the reel"? What are you putting in the water? What am I missing?
  21. Was thinking of trying slide divers this coming year. Currently have two wire rods. Saw a youtube video where a guy ties a length of braid to the wire (albright knot) and then runs the slide diver on the braid. I assume I would need to tie a leader to the braid as well. Is there a better way to do it? Which brand slide diver would you recommend? Any other tips, insight or advice would be appreciated.
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