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  1. looking to see if something is out there.
  2. These are great people with a great product if you don't know how to use teach yourself if that is not an option sell it. Simple You guys bashing a product you don't know how to use is just wrong. Again Trever and crew are some of the best in the industry.
  3. Spooled onto my downriggers and my auto stop quit working. So trying to get a few bucks back. Power Pro 21102500100DE Downrigger Fishing Cable, 250 lb/300', Moss Green Retails $40.99 yours for $50 dollars total ( 2 Spools Available) call 716.940.2845
  4. All in good condition seat with 36" pedestal, armrests and foot rest. call 716.940.2845 $210
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