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  1. Only way to go them Honda’s are quite I miss mine
  2. Good price Mike I’ve never Even seen it on your boat
  3. Here’s one I have long an short boom
  4. I have a pair of mag 10s they work good just have too many
  5. I have a couple mag 10s cheap if ya want an upgrade from the hang cranks
  6. I mix powder into clear medium then paint over it
  7. Anything in my pics are available an can do custom stuff
  8. I have a Christmas special going on too. Every 3 you buy, you get 1 free plus shipping. Spend $50 or more you get free shipping.
  9. Yes I will post a few I have so many just look at the past pics on here
  10. Couple deer in the back yard IMG_2036.MOV
  11. All are taken thanks guys
  12. I have two left a male an female blacks they will be ready to go November 12th
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