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  1. The lakes that Scalloper1 (and I) are most familiar with allow you to fish both sides of the border provided that you do not go into the coves on the Canadian side. You can fish the main portion of the lake with either a Maine or New Brunswick license. The same is true on rivers along the international border between New Brunswick and Maine. I was checked 2 winters ago and was definitely over the line by US Border Patrol and Canadian authorities without any issue. In fact just this past winter, the Canadians were more interested in learning how to use a flasher and jig for togue. And yes, Trump was President. It is not the case on boundary waters between Maine and Quebec and apparently between New York and Ontario..
  2. Thanks everyone. The rods that walked away were Daiwa Great Lakes ML rods and you are correct they were very good for what I do. The smart money would be to just replace them.
  3. I need to replace a couple of downrigger rods and the selection here in northern Maine is non-existent. Mainly used landlocked salmon, lake trout, and brook trout trolling. I had 2 Daiwa Great Lakes 8 footers that someone liked better than me I guess but want something a little longer. Trying to decide between the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water 9 foot L action and the Okuma Blue Diamond 8' 6" ML rods. Most concerned with durability. Is the Ugly Stik worth $10 more? Thanks
  4. Recently purchased a #1 and #2 diver to try out. This may be a stupid question but what size swivel are you using to attach to your main line? I have 100 pound swivels with coastlock snaps that I use to make muskie leaders and was wondering if they may be too big. Thanks
  5. I had one of those a while back. Same color that was very good for togue here in Maine. Trying to remember the name and maybe 100% incorrect but Real Image spoon comes to mind
  6. IF I were the skipper, MY expectation would be the same as yours. Lots of fish and hard work every day. Hopefully few to no complaints but realizing that can't always happen
  7. As someone who lives no where near the Finger Lakes or Lake Ontario and most likely would have to charter if I went, I would expect the following: A honest hard working charter. If one technique isn't working, then a switch to another. If X aren't biting well then maybe trying to salvage the trip to Y. Salmon to Lake trout as an example. Good companionship. Numbers don't mean much to me as no one can control the bite and bad/slow days happen. That said, I would expect an honest shot.
  8. At the risk of asking a really stupid question, was the fish at the 9:24 mark a steelhead? I'm not familiar with Great Lakes fish.
  9. Looks somewhat like a Nils Master Invincible..
  10. Mooselooks, Speedy Shiners, DB Smelt, Top Guns, and others are the go-to's no doubt, mainly due to bait size and type.. All I was saying is don't be afraid to use Lake O. type spoons (maybe not the magnum size). They work.
  11. While I do not fish Moosehead specifically, I fish that general area. Jigging works and well at times. Tubes, Fin-s-fish, swimbaits, etc. We also three-way flatfish, swimbaits, and live bait. Not sure about Lake Ontario techniques, but I use Michigan Stinger and other Lake O. type spoons successfully. (I want to try a Gambler rig at some point in time and have caught togue on peanuts stacked above a Davis rig.) As a resident of Maine, I grew up being told that the only way to catch togue was to troll flatfish or Murray spoons slowly (1.0 mph) and right on the bottom. It works but guess what, so does trolling stickbaits, spoons and other things a little faster and higher. Togue suspend in Moosehead and the Allagash Chain. Good luck and have fun.
  12. I think my question isn't worded correctly. We run nothing off the cowbells and stack a spoon above it. I was wondering if you could do the same with a peanut or SnG.
  13. I'll preface my question by saying I have never seen a spin and glow or a peanut so it may very well be a crazy idea. Can you stack a spin n glow or peanut above a set of cowbells? Here at home, we run cow bells off the downrigger ball and stack a lure 3 feet up and 12ish feet back. That we we aren't fighting the bells. We use spoons so I'm not sure how effective the others would be.
  14. I have the exact problem with my 17. Sent it to Daiwa and it was not fixed.
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