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  1. Thanks for the help but I did a google search on Real Image Spoons can can`t find a match..... Looks like it`s a needle in a haystack...
  2. It looks very similar but not sure if it is the same, at least the length on their website doesn't show it to be..... Thanks for trying though.... I did pick them up at Basspro and at the time, I thought it was a Basspro brand spoon, It's been a while so I could be wrong about the Basspro brand....
  3. Hi there Looking for some of these spoons.... I picked them up at Basspro a few years ago, they had several colours but blue seems to be my favorite.... Don't know the name of them and can't seem to find them anywhere.... Maybe one of you knows of them (where I can purchase them) or have some sitting in the bottom of your tackle box and willing to part with them? I have posted this on a few other forums with no luck, hoping to change that here..... Thanks [/url]
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