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  1. LOTSA would like to congratulate Mark Kephart who won the $1000 LOTSA prize money for catching the biggest salmon weighed by a club member in the Spring LOC Derby. Mark and his father in law Gene Johnson launched their 19 foot Quintrex center console boat named “Music Maker” from Fort Niagara May 10th and headed west out of the thick muddy water that the Niagara River was pumping into Lake Ontario. While trolling in 80 feet of water just east of the Welland Canal the 23.12 lb king salmon was fooled by a flasher/fly combo on a wire diver rig. The initial run was in excess of 300 feet. Once brought to the boat, the fish tried to weave through the downrigger cables and wrap the other diver, it finally made its way to the net after a 20 minute battle. Congratulations Mark and Gene! Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Ttt Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Last Thursday May 4th we pulled the LOTSA pens from Olcott Harbor. The fish were a little smaller than normal, but were only held for 17 days this year. The feeders worked well and we thank the Town of Newfane Marina for making sure the feeders were filled every day. We would also like to thank all who helped throughout the duration of this years project. Here are a few pictures from Thursday. Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Quick update. Our salmon are growing nicely. They were received April 17th at a weight of 120 fish per pound. Last week they were weighed at 66 fish per pound, which is a substantial growth for 1 week. They will be weighed once more just before they get released this Wednesday. The steelhead are growing rapidly as well, however i dont have weights for them right now. Steelhead will be releaded Tuesday. Dont tell the comorants! We will need lots of help removing and cleaning the pens when they are removed this Thursday May 4th at 9:00 am. Please come out and help with this vital part of our fishery. Bring your side cutters again! Here are a couple pics of the pen feeders in action. update. Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. We got notified today that our fish will be delivered at 1:00pm Monday April 17th. If you can make it, please come out and help us get the fish in the pens and move the pens to their final position. We will meet at the Town of Newfane Marina at 12:30 to make sure we are ready. Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. The 2017 LOTSA net pen project is well underway. Today a large group of volunteers met at the Town of Newfane Marina to prep and attach the nets to the pen frames. Once the nets were attached, they were placed in the water and readied for our baby fish. If all goes as planned we should be getting our fish some time next week. As in past years the pen project will be receiving 67,000 Chinook salmon and 3,500 steelhead. Help will be needed on the day the fish are delivered, so if you can please come out and help. Bring the kids, this part is pretty interesting to see. They can count the fish as they come down the pipe. Thank you to all that took the time to help with such a worthy cause. It was great to see so many familiar faces and quite a few new ones too. As soon as we know when our fish will be delivered, we will let you know Via Lake Ontario United (LOTSA message board), Facebook, and our soon to be released Redesigned website Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Just a reminder that the Olcott pens will be going in this Saturday April 8th. We will meet in Olcott at the Town of Newfane Marina at 9:00am. Dress warm and bring side cutters to clip zip ties. The more volunteers that we have, the faster the job goes. Come on out and help us kick off the 2017 season.
  8. LOTSA Meeting April 13th On Thursday April 13 at 7pm, the Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Association (LOTSA) will be sponsoring a Seminar by Capt Matt Dunn on techniques for spring Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario. Matt has been fishing on Lake Ontario for the past 15 years out of the ports of Wilson and Olcott. The last 4 years Matt and his fishing team have put together some big tournament wins on the west end of the lake. In 2013 they won the amateur division in The King of Lake.2014 saw them take the win in the salmon division in the spring Loc.2016 saw them not only win the spring Loc grand prize they also won the fall Fish Odessey aboard his 27 ft Tiara. In both of those tournaments they also captured the first place award for the largest King caught by a LOTSA member. Matt is also a LOTSA board member where he is on the tournament and picnic committees helping to keep the Lake Ontario fishery at the top of the Great Lakes. As an added bonus Ron Morcio Daiwa pro staffer along with Roy Hryckowian owner of Nick’s Sporting Goods, and Capt. Rich Hajecki will be there telling us about the new Daiwa rods and reels for trolling on the Great Lakes. They will also have them for sale so be sure to bring extra money so you can take advantage of some great deals. LOTSA is a group of mainly weekend recreational fishermen who are dedicated to the enhancement of the Lake Ontario Sport-Fishery including the pen rearing project at Olcott. Each meeting also features a sharing of information the current fishing conditions. So come join us and become more successful at fishing Lake Ontario! The meeting will be held at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4487 Lake Avenue (Route 78 two miles north of Lockport), Lockport, NY 14094. The Seminar is open to the public and free to attend. See WWW.LOTSA1.ORG for any questions.
  9. I would adjust the lines on the boards like Legacy said earlier. That will get them pulling much better. If the keels are stainless then a weight on the second keel isn't needed. Another thing that I've been doing (which is 180 degrees out from the OEM recommendations) is turning the keels around so that the weight or the "L" at the bottom is facing the boat, not facing away. The thought is that the "L" creates more resistance causing it to pull harder. This may change the measurements from above. Mine aren't exactly 9" and 14" but pretty close. You will have to tweek them a little bit. I agree that the tow line makes a difference too. The old yellow and orange line seems to fray a lot and pick up a lot of stuff in the water causing it to sag. A few years ago I switched to 250lb test power pro and really like it. Its thin and smooth and the releases glide down it nicely. The Amish Outfitters line looks good, but I haven't tried it. Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. BigB, We will be meeting April 8th at 9 am at the Town of Newfane Marina. Dress warm, we never get good weather on the days we put the pens in. Also, if you have some bring side cutters to clip zip ties. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks! Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Bump. Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. For the last several years, LOTSA’s net pen project located in Olcott NY has been one of the most successful pen projects in New York, producing some of the largest and healthiest young salmon and steelhead seen on the south shore of Lake Ontario. One of the keys to the success of this project is largely due to the cooperation and participation of the Town of Newfane Marina employees. Over the years they have ensured that almost every scheduled feeding has taken place. This has resulted in consistent growth and a high quality end product for all of us to enjoy. They have done a great job, and we thank them for their tireless efffort. Through 2016, the baby fish have been fed five times per day by broadcasting the feed little bits at a time over the top of the pens. The food drops through the net on top of the pens falling to the waiting fish. Depending on how the food is spread and the size of handful used, food could possibly make it all the way through the pen without being eaten. This year (2017) we have purchased automatic feeders (pictured below) for the pens. There will be two feeders suspended over each pen. Over the course of twelve hours food will be trickled very slowly into the pens allowing for a more consistent feed and hopefully no waste. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Please come out and help the club and the fishery. Some key dates to remember for 2017 are: April 8th The pens will be assembled and placed into the water. Lots of help is needed for this, Bring side cutters. April 9th-15th At some point yet to be determined this week the fish will be delivered. Very fun and interesting. Bring the kids! May 4th Pens will be removed and cleaned. There is never enough help for this evolution. Lunch will be provided. Sent from my VS995 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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  14. I believe it's only online. They do have an app as well. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I shot them a message a couple of weeks ago, here is their response. "The new season won't be on pursuit but it will be on Carbon TV. Episodes will start coming out in feb. go to and search salmon showdown. Thanks!" I'm looking forward to the new season too. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app