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  1. I had 43 a week ago around the burg area so it has to be at least a little warmer I hope. I’m taking the new pup swimming here in a little bit so I’ll see how long it takes for my seeds to shrivel up and go north!!!
  2. Would you take $250 shipped? If so I would take them.
  3. I don’t know if I would say the bite sucked. We landed 15 lost numerous more and a pile of smallies. Females were mostly spawned out and the males were all creaming in the boat. It was definitely tough but I don’t think it sucked by any means.
  4. Baits arrived today and they look great, can’t wait to prick some lips!! Thanks again! Ps; love the shipping box, thought someone sent me a box of noodles hahaha
  5. For sale is an excellent condition 5” kingfisher bearing reel bronze on bronze. Rh reel spooled for left hand retrieve. Box and pouch included. Also a13’ Shimano clarus and a 11 1/2’ St.Croix rod. Looking for $425 for the reel $150 for the Croix and $80 for the shimano. I’m getting out of the game to chase other species so I’m open to offers. Pm for pics or any questions.
  6. Couple of those perch look like they could have been thrown back to o grow a little more!!!
  7. 4 3/8 rh kingfisher for sale. Silver spool silver back plate big porting. $425 shipped to your door or $400 picked up in Pulaski.
  8. Well said sir, and I believe st Lawrence county from krings down river is 600’ from shore no wake. Lots of people also fishing for bass the last few weeks around the LOTI area. Again people are just ignorant of the law or simply can’t read. Can’t fix stupid. I say charge out of state guys a fortune for a license if they want to ignore the rules.
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