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  1. Would be interested in trading for an insulated flip over clam or a vexilar.
  2. It's a 4 1/2" reel in good condition. Shoot me your # and I'll send you some pics
  3. I thought cheerywood was a Berkeley rod? I might be wrong but that's what I seem to remember?
  4. Trade the fl-20 for a lil frog centerpin reel?
  5. Trade the fl-20 for a lil frog centerpin reel?
  6. FS is a frogwater lil frog, black on black with a solid back plate. Used in good condition. Asking $425 shipped or $400 picked up in Pulaski. Shoot me a # and I'll send pics.
  7. Bottom bounce the channel marker drops
  8. Well when the guides go out with a boat load of people and kill everything that comes over the rail in the same handful of spots day after day, year after year do they not expect their #s to go down? I know plenty of guides, they do nothing to help the situation. All they do is whine and cry about how good it once was. Well imo it's nobody's fault more than their own.
  9. I was working up by TI park today and think I saw that muskie float by. Was it up that way?
  10. Yes sir, 160! And they smash em down there, really need to put the boots to em down there.
  11. Well we caught in 160 foot if that tells you anything. Same spots and tactics as if it were August!
  12. Same spots same patterns
  13. 1oz will fine. Just have to know how to keep bottom. If all else fails you can never go wrong with a meat rig.
  14. Jig bite