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  1. Chowder. I run charter out of Dunkirk and also grew up knowing the gentleman whom ran the Argo for years. I know he had attempted to try to open water fish for these several times. I do not believe he was successful. The Argo netted whitefish I believe trying to target brown trout west of Dunkirk off Portland. I was discussing how I struggled to catch Walleyes on a certain drop and he informed me those fish I was marking were mostly whitefish and some browns. From my understanding of our conversation there is a large population.
  2. Thank you for responding I needed some longer wrenches to get to use both hands.
  3. Is there any trick to getting the belt tightened on the starboard motor. 5.7 l merc. The tensioner is on right side and I’m black and blue trying to reach over motor to get tight enough. Any tricks would help. My masculinity is in shambles currently.
  4. 1 color of lead core is a pretty killer setup with a spoon.
  5. Thank you for the effort on setting this up. Missed last year because of date change and Covid. Very excited about the two day event.
  6. I’m also a fan of the Daiwa rods. The medium action rod we use for Spring Salmon and Walleye on Erie.
  7. I wasn’t going to mention it but fishing with my father and friends in tournament’s it drives me crazy when they can’t get board off in a realistic time frame.
  8. Thinking of switching over to the ninja boards from my church TX 22. I fish kings in spring and the charter walleyes out of Dunkirk rest of year. I loved my church boards but think the ninja board one hand release is pretty handy. Some of my clients are hands on and want to take boards of, or do when I’m netting or getting fish off deck. Anybody made this switch over.
  9. Anybody have the older Rynowsky in Pink/purple and Firetiger. The Firetiger ones will have a glitter finish and red eye. Also the 3” black/silver chatter sticks. PM please.
  10. I run medium action 7.5 ft Great Lakes model diawai with saltist for lead core.
  11. Congratulations, this report makes me feel better same out of Olcott all weekend really tough bite inside.
  12. You have any pictures.
  13. I had a similar situation could not figure out what issue was. I have a closed cooled system and the water canister seal had a small rip in it. Just enough to pull air in system. Would make the motor get warm because my water pump would loose prime. My guess you are getting air somewhere.
  14. RD9

    Auto pilot issue

    I didn’t even know you could?
  15. I have a ray marine st5000 it will no longer run at low speeds. Ran great all last year. It’s like it’s way to slow to react. At high speed seems to work properly. Read manual and can’t really seem to find and answer. It stays on auto and kicks in occasionally but it’s not maintaining course. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  16. It is but I have an oil pressure gauge on dashboard. I’m replacing impeller will it’s in yard and temp sending unit. Impeller If not needed to be changed will end up needed to be changed at some point. Better now then while out on lake.
  17. Thank you I have read about issues in manifold.
  18. I got you I first read this post incorrectly. Thank you that’s good advice.
  19. Thanks for response it’s on a 3000 exspress pursuit impellers flat out suck to exchange.
  20. It is twins but each motor has a different sensor. I originally thought impeller but I have water, maybe it’s just getting week.
  21. 5.7l 350 mpi horizon mercruisrr 2003. my port motor as soon as motor gets to 3500 the over heating sensor alarm comes on not running just below this the motor will run as normal. I’m getting water because the top of the motor stays cool and have coolant. Gauge is reading under the overheating mark. I did some research seems like temp sending might be issue. Anything else I could look at? Or suggestion? thanks in advance guys.
  22. So a few years back on this page I read how some guys were tying a 10 ft or so mono section after there wire to prevent pig tailing. Basically allowing your wire to be stored tightly on reel. I also have started doing this with my braid divers not because of the initial reason but to give a little stretch to your setup once a fish gets close to boat. I believe this has led to less fish lost by people on my boat. Theory is that there is a little more give then tying directly braid / wire to dipsey. Also it’s easier to grab to help the person with rod work around other rods and rigger wire.
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