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  1. I sincerely hope the sky is not falling, looking forward to the final analysis of the bait fish trawls. Good luck on the water boys!
  2. ........havent checked in here for a long while, but damn, its an entertaining place!
  3. a few pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157670120069682 lakers are not hard to catch vertical jigging when theyre in the mood. All these from Lake O, usually fishing in 80 to 100 fow.
  4. Ive had very limited success with vertical jigging open water. Yes, lakers will sometimes be cooperative but other than that Ive only managed 1 rainbow and 1 shaker chinook vertical jigging. Ive been using metal jigs. Maybe its my technique or whatever , it just hasnt paid off with any large salmon yet.
  5. this is the most entertaining thread Ive read all month last year I saw a post about someone cutting open a laker and pulled out about 18 plastic worms. That one must have been really hungry or really stupid
  6. .......some guys get carried away with body piercing
  7. ok boys, thanks, sounds encouraging!
  8. well, not expecting huge, but gotta be some 30s around somewhere. Were going to start the big derby soon up here, I think its going to be an interesting year.
  9. Just been looking through some of the catch reports and Im seeing some nice fish silver fish. Just wondering anybody getting any Large fish, anything over 30 pounds being caught? Seems like there used to be more larger fish in other years. Maybe theyre still coming? Where are the 30 pounders?
  10. Some of them have different markings and coloring, but other than that I wouldnt be able to tell. A Bio prob would know better.
  11. from some research Ive done its seems that (depending which document Ive seen) theres at least 3 and maybe even as many as 8 different strains of lake trout being stocked into lake Ontario. I wonder if theres any taste difference between the strains. That might be a reason some people claim to like the taste and others say its bad?
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