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  1. I am replacing the water impellor in my bravo lower unit. My question is do I put the boat in forward gear before I drop it?
  2. I'm looking for base plates for my penn riggers.
  3. Try putting oxygen on your bait tank and add non chlorinated ice . This is how I kept my blueback herring alive in summer on lake Lanier in Georgia
  4. How do you choose your color of snubber for you color of dipsey?
  5. Got 2 new with the rubber coated ball. Anything I can did to make them stronger?
  6. I need 2 bases for penn fathom master Downriggers model 620
  7. Dp anyone know where I can get mounting bases? They are still good but have no bases. Thanks!
  8. Just how good is the fishing for any species on the fall ?
  9. Yea but I was gonna trade for things I needed. That's what has got me so mad
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