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  1. I think he should have all of us on the boat. U know, for research and figure out the issue
  2. I've never used those weights, but make sure the fins are straight. Next thing I would suggest is lowering the riggers a bit slower and see if that helps. You never did specify what's getting tangled, your lines or riggers cables.
  3. unfortunately, I don't have/can't find any pics. It's the D shaped ladder with the flat part facing the tree
  4. Just installed ev-150 linked to a Raymarine MFD. Easy, straightforward install, works great.
  5. Ttt Sent from my SM-G965U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Small lot, 13 spoons. 6 NKs (three mags) 3 pirates (2 55s, 1 88) and 4 ransoms $30 shipped Sent from my SM-G965U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Send them all to me so I can get a closer look to ID them. I will send them back with their names around October.
  8. Exactly, but if you get em on a screamin deal or have the means, would be something to consider
  9. I'm aware of the capabilities, I was wondering if the added capabilities are worth an extra grand per rigger to you
  10. what benefit would the Optimum have to YOU that other models won't?
  11. If what suggested above doesn't work, and you have two of the same riggers, swap the spools and see what happens. If the same issue occurs on the other rigger, wire issue. Much cheaper and easier fix than a board.
  12. And if you are doubling through a bead, no need for a toothpick.
  13. Need to get a bunch more footage this year!
  14. some people use crimps, some use beads. I'm a fan of beads. Double the line through the bead, slide the small fly on, repeat for as many flies as you want. This will also allow you to adjust the distance between flies if you want. I use 50lb ANDE fkouro.
  15. List of e95 capabilities..https://www.raymarine.com/view/index-id=2966.html
  16. A Penn 330 will fit 300' 45# copper with 300yds 30# braid backer great. This weekend, I squeezed in 200yds 40# braid backer and 350' 45# copper on Penn 330. It's tight, but doable.
  17. Pure genius. That leaves two free hands!
  18. then why the 6ft rule? why not wear the masks anytime you are around people? False security.
  19. Totally agree with this, but I think people are being sent the wrong message and that's what I have a problem with. If the only way I can be on a boat and fish is with something over my mouth, count me it. It'll definitely slow my ass from eating all the munchies on board
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