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  1. Hooked Up

    Weather Predictions for Thursday 8-22

    Leaving Catawba island Ohio at 430am heading to olcott hoping for the best but expecting the worse. Might be a drinking weekend.
  2. Damn I don't do faceplate. Not my thing.
  3. Dose he have a web site to order from?
  4. Big boards/outriggers don't get your copper/lead core far enough away from the boat it puts it directly over top of your divers. Here I run six to eight rods and that's normally plenty some days only for is needed. Lake Michigan was a different story I used to run 14 to 18 rods there nice to be able to run a small program
  5. That's a boat load of fish. Looks like a couple lake trout?
  6. Hooked Up

    Wilson 8/12

    Nice work. Wishing I could get back out there sooner but can't make it till the 23. Will be I Olcott
  7. What would the price of for shipping be to the US zip code 48140. 2 packs
  8. Wire divers 175-200 with meat, 42nd Street gold and silver on riggers 60-75 down. 300-250 copper sea sick wadler and kimbo were are program this passed Thursday and Friday. Fished 1-5pm on Thursday and got limit then friday morning took 2 hrs dock to dock. 200-275ft.
  9. Lines in at 1 bact to dock at 530. Lost nice one with the net and let 3 others go. Good day. 270-325ft. Meat and spoons.
  10. Thanks for the update. Be there Thursday.
  11. How were the fleas this passed weekend? Going to be there Thursday-sunday hoping there better then a couple weeks ago. Thank you
  12. Easy way to solve the the tangle problem is use a release on the boards. Makes it very easy to change bait and bring fish in. I have ran up to 6 boards per side before with no problem. It's kinda like running big boards pop the release let it fall back and then bring it in. Use a rubber band on the back of it to keep it from sling all the way down. The small black offshore ones work good for flat lines up to 3 color core. After that I like the big Jon plunger ones up to 400 copper.
  13. By far it seemed like the later morning this weekend was a very good bite. Friday and Saturday we never had a bit till after 830 then is was game on. Thursday we left dock at 3pm and were back to dock just before 6 with are limit. Cant beat 3 days fishing and limited every day within 4 hrs.
  14. Hooked Up


    Blowing hard here right now not looking good for the morning
  15. Hooked Up


    Good morning out there again. Nothing to big lots of steelhead and smaller kings. Back to dock by 10.