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  1. Hey guys hope your season been great.i havent been on lake Ontario in a month and i know alot changes! I am in high hopes of pointed in right direction for some salmon,i dont want your honey hole,just not sure what port.my intended plan is wilson start in 80 and work towards bar orrr.. olcott 80fow and go west.any info is much obliged🎣
  2. I was in the lower Niagara river ,art park,caught maybe 40 , 2 weeks ago that was the last i seen them.
  3. Cruised out in front of Olcott,i was able to get on the water for a little bit, piers were filled with people and the boats were fair, hooked into a few nice looking fish that had plenty of fight ,15 to 20 fow ,moonshine lures was the enticement.
  4. Sent it out of Olcott the other morning ,fished until noon.worked inside 30 fow then after sunrise went a little deeper, inside 100 fow. had 6 bites and landed a few.utilized spoons and meat rig.Fall season is here
  5. That was good vid man. it gets hectic with the gear at time and you guys managed. Awesome !
  6. Today, i put it all together and managed to get 3 fish .the lake was flat and found action around 15 to 20 fow. Spoon and sticks
  7. Thanks guys for the plethora of encouragement and tips.I am heading out tomorrow morning, running out of Wilson going west.
  8. TyeeTanic i was crusing at 1.5 to 2,then at times 2.8,I think i had it running right ,but i noticed as hard knox mentioned was the water color. i was in very clear water.
  9. hard knox ,thanks for the info ,it is much appreciated. i usually go out Olcott or Wilson.When i went out there was clear water and i think i was out to far.The colored water you explained ,makes sense because i did go through a spot with murky water and the pole started getting hits .i just picked up 17 lbs floro . and im give heck again this weekend. Defiantly, appreciate the info man!
  10. I attempted the trolling a few time before i took a charter .once ,i took the charter i took notes on the process. Maybe ,i just was in wrong location,or depths?just looking for tips to tune
  11. Hey there everyone, Im working on the trolling tactics ,this time of year .I have basic trolling experience. i gave it a try a week ago out of wilson and ran 3 poles ,2 planner boards and one straight,i ran sticks not sure what i did wrong. 3 hours and only a couple of hits ,no hook ups. Any tips will be much appreciated.
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