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  1. We keep our black box near the instrument cluster on the passenger side of the boat. It is out of the weather and it can't be accidently bumped with everthing going around the Captain's chair. Thanks. Jay
  2. I received my tags today. You should receive your tags and license no later then September 1 according to NYS Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources.
  3. I agree!!!!! Vanish is junk line.
  4. Black and metallic purple on Lake O. All black on the Finger Lakes
  5. Adk1, I matched up the numbers on the prop of my 95 Starcraft Islander 221v 4.3l and replaced it with a new mercury prop part number 48832830A45, BLKMX 14 1/2 R1 from local dealer. I've used it for past few years with no problems. I'm not sure if 1991 would be any different then 1995, but I found that the cost of reconditioning wasn't all that different from purchasing new especially if you have damage to more then one blade. good luck. Jay
  6. Adk1, I purchased a Dotline 4 step hook ladder. I purchased at Overton's for $44.99. Works great at an excellent price. Jay
  7. Adk1, I have a 1995 Islander 221 with a full swim platform. I secure a cooler on it while fishing and the kids jump off it while swimming. I haven't had any issues with the lower unit and the kids. I do use a swim ladder off the side I purchased from Overtons. The swim ladder makes it easier for younger children(and older) to get back into the boat while its pitching everywhere. The ladders inexpensive and keeps the kids off the motor cover and rear seats. I also secure our tube to the platform while tubing. This keeps more room in the boat for the family. My boat came with and platform and I haven't had any issues with it. I can't imagine this being a hard project to install. Good luck. Jay
  8. Shimano Talora roller rod with shimano tekota 600LC
  9. Islander owners, I have a 95 221v Islander and when you fill the live well the boat really leans to the port side. Would trim tabs fix this? Have you ever experienced this? I too was thinking of trim tabs to stabilize the boat.(I've moved people around to level boat out ). Starcraft Islander is the best boat I've ever owned. Great on fuel and catches a ton of fish!!! Adk1 please keep us informed in what you decide to do. Thanks. Jay
  10. Dobbs sunoco in Canandaigua (West Avenue just off Main St) now sells ethanol free fuel. Very easy to pull truck/trailer to the pumps.
  11. After reading Musky Bob's recipe on smoked fish I went out and purchased a Brinkman electric smoker. After you smoke fish how long does it last in the fridge, can you re-freeze the smoked fish, or do you just smoke enough fish for a meal(s)? I've never had smoked fish and this recipe just looked so delicious. Thanks. Jay
  12. I guess it all depends on your leader material. I have used fluorocarbon leaders and have had very good success with using DW snubbers with both my Power Pro and wire dipsies. It cost a little more to set up using a snubber but I haven't lost that many fish to change to mono for leader material. As Richard stated keep the drag loose with an occasional creep and you'll be fine no matter what you decide to use. Jay
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