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  1. Well made it out to Scotch Bonnet on Saturday it was a beautiful morning we were off the water by noon. We had a couple of tiny kings and two good ones 17lbs and other 22lbs. Had out two Dipsey's with meat and two spoons on down riggers. smallest fish was caught on the meat all the rest came on the spoons. Green Dolphin and Water Melon. We fished south of Scotch Bonnet Shoal in 114 to 180 FOW. Oh and when I bought the gear in snagged a Goby as well. How anyone else make out seen lots of boats out?
  2. Yeah I started on west end of the island in about 135 FOW. Was out today with the wife and she caught her king in 150 FOW we were only out for 2 hours today. Caught one and missed one in 135 FOW. Was running same setup as yesterday only meat worked today on dipsy’s diver. Hope that helps. Cheers Tom
  3. Had a nice morning at Scotch Bonnet today. We were there at 6:15 am and had a double header by 6:30. Fished 140’ and had riggers at 66’ and 70’ and dipsy’s out at 150 on braid. Ran DW blue dolphin glow and green dolphin glow on riggers and meat rigs on dipsy’s caught fish on all of them. Went 6/7 on kings biggest being 20.12 lbs and 1 Bow. Kept the smallest king and released the rest. Water temp was 63.4 average and 2.1 to 2.4 for speed. We were off the water by 10:30 am. Great start to Canada Day. Pro patria! Cheers Tom Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Agree with you on that.
  5. That is a very nice fish. As for weight I'm not the best at guessing.
  6. Yeah I've been looking over the charts that were in other posts. Like my old infantry days of AFV recognition its all in the small details.
  7. No carpet on the floor only the casting platforms so pail of water cleans it off quick. I have the boat docked this year so doesn't get cleaned after each time I use it so trying to wipe things down as soon as I land one or create a mess.
  8. Yes its a 2013 1875. great boat can be a bit small when the winds blow up on the big water.
  9. Yeah i don't think that was really his intention I was being a bit facetious in my reply as well . But hey lots of others with constructive posts. Much appreciate you replying.
  10. If your goal was to make me feel stupid you have succeeded! Congratulations.
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