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  1. Yes caught a few high rocks out past plant,
  2. Mooseluc spoons for finger lakes orange/copper, copper, rainbow, brown trout great for smaller lakes great for land locks,rainbows,browns. Use them in lake Champlain comes in different sizes.
  3. Don’t worry our governor wants to end all hunting and fishing contests in the state e
  4. Stripers don’t fight near as hard as a salmon ,get rid of LL and keep the KING
  5. You had to have help, your arm would have fell off!
  6. Get some 30 lb test. It will keep most off fleas
  7. I usually run (free) cheaters when I only use spoons, 4 ft is my length, more spoons in the water, I put a dodger on back of ball for a attractant.
  8. Why the small ones taste great, the old ones taste likeSh#%#%
  9. Some people just don’t like to eat fish, what’s up with that? You have to eat some of them there good for ya, congratulations on that beautiful fish better than commercially raised,
  10. Go online buy FISHUSA FISHING BOATING & KAYAKING APPAREL & EYEWEAR SPECIALTY STORES CLEARANCE BRANDS NEW FLY FISHING Home Boating & Kayaking Boat Accessories Big Jon Downrigger Cable Big Jon Downrigger Cable (0) $44.99 Item No.: 130629 Spool Size: 200 ft. 200 Ft. 300 Ft. Test: 150 lbs. 150 Lbs.
  11. Cormorants are great, eat those bass especially the eggs
  12. Make sure you check out FIRST LIGHT, outstanding fit and warmth, Meateater wears this line of clothing. I have the heavy stuff for tree stand in November,really warm and the super cool light weight stuff for turkey hunting,
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