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  1. Gamagatzu hooks, very sharp for a long time.
  2. They are not stocking like they report, I fish a lake , I can tell when they been stocked over the years, lake is small. I would catch 9-10 inch LL. Move to a different area catch bigger ones. Been going on for years except for the last five. Fish caught are bigger ,can’t find the little ones. BUT they report 800 LL, 400 RB oh never saw any rainbows. It’s propaganda. The mAn above states fish are smarter as they get older. Fish feed, follow the food, stay comfortable (depth of water sun). It’s all about conditions .they have a pea brain
  3. Remember when you going down or in a heavy storm call coast guard with your phone if you can find it and use the touch screen. City people do that.
  4. Good for you , you must have super secret people
  5. No I agree I’m being sarcastic. They use propaganda, I know lakes in Adirondacks that I fish stocking reports state many fish stocked but not rally ,I can tell because you would connect on little 9 in fish, go to different part of lake catch bigger ones, did this for years, Now you don’t catch many and when you do there 20 in were are all the little ones, it’s been going down for the past five years, I know a person in the know and he states they report what they stock and where, only 1/2 is true, Lake Ontario I’m sure it’s the same. Coumo wants the money elsewhere .
  6. thork9

    for sale : usa 2003 Lund Fisherman 1700

    18 years old ?
  7. Remember they need money to pay for the Coumo bridge, stop using are fish license money on hiking trails., change the head of who is making wrong decisions. Just ranting
  8. Hey you guys still scared up there or what’s happening, any fishing ,
  9. I know there’s fish in there cause I saw them at the hatchery and they said they were putting them in the lake, huh or the Canadians caught them all I’m sure.
  10. Good job better than staying home, I would have given the lake the sign of the cross on second day and travelled south for the finger lakes
  11. I’ll take them I’ll send PayPal
  12. Went mon by plant , evening troll, high rocks ,marked a lot in 40-50 ft range , few chased , followed ,fished 6 hrs no hits, checked out to 120 blank, ran spoons ,dipsey, riggers, FF , real clear and sunny.
  13. Crippled up but I’m going to try, back op healed enough, just trying to find out any inshore stuff 50ft and in.
  14. Just talking about a illegitimate president, one put in my voter fraud, just something to talk about while underway.
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