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  1. Look into chamberlain releases, you can set rod pressure and lure release separately,
  2. We’re you running gambler rigs suspended ? They only work for me when I’m on bottom, great job
  3. Lot of lakers caught on this boat ,SLIME
  4. That 7 pounder looks like a laker, great job
  5. It’s true that’s why they sell the Scotty black box ion control, cannon has one ,it works, controls stray voltage!!! There some good right ups on this problem.
  6. Oswego Harbor at night, sticks run real slow, walls
  7. Did you ever see that work in person? If so will it see like the commercial?
  8. No from our governor, same thing
  9. Maybe you should stock your lake with your money!
  10. Big guy said I can do anything, SO I throw the walleyes and especially BASS onto shore to fertilize the shore and feed the raccoons. This way there’s no limit to count.
  11. That launch will never be improved because it’s sacred Indian grounds.
  12. Just take care of your self and you will be fine!
  13. You guys should go fishing in Russia!
  14. Time to rise up, essential businesses, come on they are all essential, you have to work, make money feed family, really! Only 20000 died so far, over 60000 died in auto accidents last year and they didn’t shut the country down or take are autos away.
  15. Remember wear your masks and social distance yourself, some people don’t care O my God and stay out of restaurants
  16. This was are king with social distancing and wearing masks, and this was in NYC
  17. There saying subways caused the most spread, why upstate, Coumo needs more stimulus.
  18. Remember if your scared stay home pretty simple, take care of yourself we’re a mask, or respirator, watch abc,nbc and cnn. Follow their directions because you believe they have the facts. It’s all political do you really think they care? Wear your seat belt, wear your helmet don’t talk on phone, it’s a ticket ,MONEY maker. Simply take care of yourself and quit being dictators, and for the liberal snow flakes and sheep keep following, the Germans followed and look what happened,Live YOUR life and be free as the constitution states, not what Bill Gates, Sorous, or Warren Buffet , or Coumo ,it’s all about power. BOY YOU SNOWFLAKES HAVE POWER IN THE KEY BOARD,
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