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  1. That launch will never be improved because it’s sacred Indian grounds.
  2. Just take care of your self and you will be fine!
  3. You guys should go fishing in Russia!
  4. Time to rise up, essential businesses, come on they are all essential, you have to work, make money feed family, really! Only 20000 died so far, over 60000 died in auto accidents last year and they didn’t shut the country down or take are autos away.
  5. Remember wear your masks and social distance yourself, some people don’t care O my God and stay out of restaurants
  6. This was are king with social distancing and wearing masks, and this was in NYC
  7. There saying subways caused the most spread, why upstate, Coumo needs more stimulus.
  8. Remember if your scared stay home pretty simple, take care of yourself we’re a mask, or respirator, watch abc,nbc and cnn. Follow their directions because you believe they have the facts. It’s all political do you really think they care? Wear your seat belt, wear your helmet don’t talk on phone, it’s a ticket ,MONEY maker. Simply take care of yourself and quit being dictators, and for the liberal snow flakes and sheep keep following, the Germans followed and look what happened,Live YOUR life and be free as the constitution states, not what Bill Gates, Sorous, or Warren Buffet , or Coumo ,it’s all about power. BOY YOU SNOWFLAKES HAVE POWER IN THE KEY BOARD,
  9. JUST DONT WORRY! Stay in your house and you will be safe, just sit on the couch and watch CNN and Coumo. Martial law if you say so, Remember they have sold out of Guns and ammo at your local gun store.
  10. A executive order WOW, not in my country I don’t serve the king, CONSTITUTION should read it, I already had the flue along with thousands, 83% that had it got thru it, 60 thousand died last year you didn’t say anything about it, What you gonna do when they keep it closed til December? SWINE FLU 80thosand didn’t close the country, open your eyes, Oh your a charter guy. DEMOcrat
  11. YA VOTED IN BY THE CITY OF NEW YORK 8 million people, the rest of the state besides Buffalo voted for the other guy, he doesn’t care about UPstate, Trump should have built a wall right starting at Weschester County .
  12. To all the sheep, statistic wise it was posted people in NYC that died had pre existing problems. If you died of a heart attack and had the virus it is counted. They broke it up and found that the people that died with the virus with no existing problems was 1.9%. They can’t understand why all the other deaths flu,heart,diabetes etc had dropped tremendously. And now 18 thousand people died of this, last year 60 thousand died of the flue, IF you have a condition stay home, Most of this is POLITICS, 83 % that had the virus got over with it.
  13. I lost my job, I need fishing to eat, that’s essential, I fish walleye, perch, bull heads, trout!!
  14. It’s essential I need it for food, I’m not going water skiing, I lost my job, bull %=+$#@
  15. All right line the sheep up? Better line up ! Comrade Coumo! Numbers down 15 thousand dead in the US they said it was gonna be 250 million, What’s up, 50 thousand died of the flu last year, didn’t shut the country down.
  16. Check the stats, past five years with flu deaths, really a lot, how many now? Not close, But they didn’t shut the country down, did they, I lost two friends in the past month not from from the virus, I wonder if they added them? It’s not good but shut the country down, testing positive doesn’t mean your dead, a lot have had it and life’s going on, Keep watching Coumo news and CNN, Check your hospital locally how many dying from it. Wear your mask ,wash your hands, if you want to stay home do it be safe, Will see in two weeks 2-300 thousand dead, then I’ll stay home if it’s true.
  17. A lot of sheep running around here! Might have to get arrested for violating, unconstitutional they do this in Russia etc, how many dead in Oswego? Don’t worry Coumo will be running for president without be voted in. You keep listening keep following!
  18. Here’s something I found, I sent a sample for testing
  19. trolling plate , forget to release it, can’t steer, BAGS all the way
  20. When your driving and going under a bridge, look up and see the white icing on the joints, use salt in your urban areas, really don’t need it upstate country roads. Oh do the speed for conditions and you will be ok.
  21. That would be awesome, my truck and our bridges wouldnt rot anymore, years ago they just put sand on the roads, it worked in the mountain states they use mostly sand, 250 jobs oh well!!!! They could switch to sand pits.
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