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  1. So to be clear I don’t think NYS sold the marina to anyone. The state still owns the land but has leased the operation of the marina. At least that is what I understand. By the way. Happy Easter. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I stopped by Sampson yesterday. Looks like they are working on the ramp and finished setting the pilings for the docks. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Sorry, Did not make it up last weekend. Planning on heading up this weekend will let you know.
  4. I got a call from the governor’s office, in reply to a letter I sent them about Sampson Park Marina. I guess the only new news is that they have recently secured all the final approvals and funding to complete the entire project. So, the expectation is, barring bad weather, that the ramps should be open in time for Memorial Day. At least that is the plan they are all driving to. I was told that there will be a formal announcement in the next few weeks with more details on the project. I asked about access, ramp fees, and some other stuff, but many the details are still being worked out. I will be up that way next week and will post more pictures if there is any noticeable progress. Jim K.
  5. If you are heading North there is Sampson State Park with several playgrounds, a swimming beach, and a fishing pier. Still further North at the north end of the lake in Geneva, is Seneca Lake State Park. It also has several playgrounds and a swimming beach but my grand kids loved the water spray park. Just FYI its for younger kids. My grand kids are between the ages of 2 and 7. There are also bike paths and a new welcome center that is very nice. If you are up north and have never seen a canal lock in operation the locks along the Cayuga Seneca Canal are a great place to visit. If you get thirsty on the way up or back, Bottomless Brewing is a good place to rest, if its not to crowded, it has good beer and is kid friendly. They have ping pong, shuffleboard and corn hole games all inside. Keeps the grand kids occupied for a least a few cold ones. I hope you enjoy your trip. The finger lakes are a beautiful place.
  6. Any word on when it might be done? I sent a letter to the NYS parks commission but no response. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. The picks are from Saturday the 29th, and the pumps were running at the time.
  9. Some photos from last week. Saturday the 29th Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Big fan of BB did my first tasting in their kitchen. Kees, if you don't mind will look you up next time in. As long as its not harvest time.
  11. Thanks Guys, I was asking for two reasons. I am about 3 miles north of the Sampson marina on the east side. First an foremost was the fishing conditions. Its been a very slow fishing year for me but I am new to fishing Seneca lake and still learning. Second was how much debris I was going to have to deal with around my boat and dock.
  12. I am heading up to Seneca Lake this weekend and was wondering if anyone has been out on the lake and what the conditions are like. I read that they are making progress removing the debris at least the larger peace’s, but have not read much else. Any updates would be appreciated.
  13. Guys, Have to say many thanks. Used several of the suggestions and it worked. We were able to catch small pan fish right off my dock almost any time of the day. The Grandkids loved it, they got so excited watching the bobber get pulled under. They caught bluegills, rock bass and even a couple bullhead. Again many thanks, I think the grandkids are now hooked, both on fishing and the lake. Jim k.
  14. Found this on https://www.facebook.com/SenecaLakeGuardian "We were on the phone this morning with Region 8 DEC Department of Fisheries. They have already been here taking samples of dead fish, once about 3 weeks ago and the second time on Wednesday the 5th. According to the gentleman we spoke to, the alewife die off on Seneca Lake is being caused by a protozoan (parasite) called Chilodonella. It affects the gills causing them to oversecrete mucous and essentially the fish suffocates. A quick internet search shows that this species can be found in ponds and aquariums. Apparently it will spread more rapidly when there are dense concentrations of fish, as in the alewives congregating near shore to spawn. What concerns us is that this is an enormous lake and the die off is happening over the entire lake. The DEC biologist said that a larger than normal baitfish population will aggravate the problem and cause a die off and that may be the case this year. He said that would also explain the difficullty anglers are having lately. The only instance he could point to that was similar to this was back in the '60's when there were larger than normal baitfish populations and die off's occurred on an annual basis. We would welcome any feedback from any of you "old timers" that could shed some light on this." This past week there were a number of fish washed up on my shore. We had many alewife ( more then i can count ) 2 large carp, one rainbow, one small perch, and a catfish.
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