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  1. Oswego, deep and good right out front, don’t have to go for miles.
  2. What’s a Gary d rig? White flasher w/meat? Great job catching those fish
  3. That’s why they call it fishing, give it a try the fish are there in both lakes.
  4. How far is it out to 100 ft from launch, never tried there, thanks
  5. Never really fished lakers here, I have two young boys that wanna catch fish. 100-125 ft? Is it good out front? We’re camping up at the park. I usually fish lakers up by Sandy pond area, I can find them easily? Thanks in advance
  6. Cut off five feet every year, and reset, the last five feet takes a beating.
  7. Temperature, over the years I have seen that fish tend to hang in certain areas, I us to waypoint in fall sag got time Aug. we’re I have caught fish, as time went on they were in same area sometimes deeper, but they were there. One day I bought a chip for fishing hot spots on Lake Ontario . When I inserted chip the hotspots were circled in certain areas on my gps ,well all of my way points were in the circled area. One of those areas is right out from the dunes 100 ft to 135 out. This just something I ran into.
  8. 31 footer means the wife can cook down in the galley, breakfast etc
  9. Curious were you running gambler rigs suspended or close to bottom? Thanks in advance
  10. thork9

    Sold / Closed 1999 aquasport 215 $6500

    We’re you located? Like to look at it!
  11. Caught three small kings ,straight out 1 was 24. All caught out 140-170 100 ft down on two face flasher with white fly, No hits on spoons or meat just on that flasher, hardly any marks, temp at 100 didn’t see any bait, still great being out
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