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  1. New to fishing Lake Ontario and I am keeping my boat in Henderson Harbour. What should I be fishing for in late September and October. How long are there salmon in the trench? Is there good Brown trout fishing or do they all move into the rivers? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  2. None of the maps I have looked at have the nicknames everyone uses when referring to certain areas. So that's why I asked...
  3. New to everything trolling for salmon and trout. Just purchased a new boat and will be fishing out of Henderson Harbour. I have been searching and can't put Nick names with places. Any help with where the finger, mountain, wall, etc... Are would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. This will be my first year trolling for salmon. Trying to decide color of flies to buy. I have come to understand green colors work. But what other colors are popular? Thanks in advance! Ken
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