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  1. TRUMP yes ,imagine Biden and Bernie as president. All my welfare neighbors will have new cell phones and cars.
  2. DO THEY REALLY STOCK??? What they say.
  3. Remember you will get a ticket for the air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror, obstructing view, carry on
  4. True ,more traffic in day time, more tickets. Night good luck.. I worked patrol boat for sheriffs office years ago, our job was education on lake 80%, 20% tickets. Many people have no clue how to properly operate boat, or launch. A 80 year old who never had a boat can purchase a 40 ft and go out onto a lake. Education not by tickets, alcohol evolvement arrest. Oh you vote for your county Sheriff, NYC elects Coumo.
  5. Green always, not eye candy that you like!!
  6. Been in law enforcement for 27 years, saw it when it was real and see it as a money maker , go to a town court, see how much money from ticket goes to state vs town, and pay attention who is writing the most . I agree there is a lot of good lawenforcement , safety etc. but
  7. Not really, SP will rescue but in the mean time it’s a money grab state just started having forest rangers out on snowmobile trails writing tickets, lots of them. State figured they can make more money that way, it isn’t for safety on the trails. I know some of them and that’s what I’m told. There told to go out on a weekend and write as many as possible . Why do you think they write for no helmet, seatbelt, it’s not for safety, it’s MONEY sure charge etc.
  8. Money grab for sure 17 tickets a month, Governor believes if your working a twelve hour shift, you have to see violations and must write ticket. Used to be educate the people ,not anymore. Sheriffs Department more educating than ticket writing.
  9. Eye candy, my $500 worth of Michigan stingers work great, you will get people looking at them.
  10. We used to make the lures and test in a swimming pool, old Volkswagen bug hub caps, real chrome
  11. No feedback steering might work, let go steering wheel walk to the back, wheel won’t move
  12. That’s not what he means? Jerking ,pulling hand lining it’s different!
  13. Not fair you have Frank from American pickers on your boat
  14. Throw the bass and pike into the woods, coon bait, leave all trout
  15. Mine doesn’t my tried and true works better than telephones!!!! They probably have a app that catches fish, bet not
  16. I got a chart somewhere, I use them it’s 29ft tops with 100 ft at 2.5 miles per hour
  17. So stick with west winds better, does NOAA have a page for wind height like Ontario? I have looked only tells wind speed.
  18. What winds do you look at as far as safety on Cayuga,? Bad with south winds I’d expect.
  19. thork9

    Cayuga Flashers

    At least Cayuga is north and south, I’m sure it can get rough but usually winds west, Ontario they say ok when you get there wrong weather, I just want to catch fish(release) and possibly plan ahead
  20. thork9

    Cayuga Flashers

    Thanks very much, sick of the Ontario winds.
  21. thork9

    Cayuga Flashers

    Do you run Christmas trees for Lakers, gambler rigs on bottom and suspended, I usually drag bottom. And run wire line dipseys salmon
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