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  1. for sale : can

    Awesome boat, would like to see some interior pics? Does it have shore power hookup? I understand it doesn't have outdrives, but where it is located, could outdrives be purchased and installed? The drive across the lake once spring comes would not be least for me... But need to understand. Also, not sure if one or both chartplotters are or are not included? Jason
  2. PS: Is this what you do on your week off and temps are in the 60's!
  3. YOUR KILLING ME SMALLS. I will make you an offer you cant refuse. Half the dock fees and fill up the tank, you can use it anytime you want, Ryan!!!!!
  4. What an amazing boat for the money...... and having fished on it, its well worth it at $7K with the riggers, autopilot and misc equipment. To bad I already have a Penn Yan of my own....and next jump will be 30' plus!! Or I would be all over this! PS: Just make sure you get all that laker slime off the deck! :rofl:
  5. And yet yesterday in that same water, they wanted orange and my greens never fired once. GREEN flies however were going, especially off white/pearl glow Spindoctors. Managed one 20 lb king, but there were a few other 20-30 kings done in that 45-60 fow yesterday. Finished 3 for 4 on a solo trip, so I am not complaining.... but again, its not hot and heavy, my brown and king came in 5 minutes of each other, and then the next brown and the whatever I lost on the 10 color, came within 15 minutes of each other.... the other 7 hrs I never moved a rod! LOL
  6. Worst year I have seen, with more skunks than I can count. Normally bad days were 2-3 fish, good days 8-10+ fish, and 1-2x being skunked. This year, best day was 8 fish, had more than a dozen skunks, landed one darn Major (that was this weekend) and while I lost a few, I was averaging 1-3 fish most outings and if not for a few nice 10# steelies, some lakers and browns here and there, it would have been better to fish for smallmouth! If it weren't for a lot of other people having bad days and a lot of that from Rochester basin to Fair haven, I would have said it was me, but I know it wasn't. Fishing West off the Niagara was good from what I heard and saw, and OZ definitely had some action, but the inbetween seemed VERY hit and miss.......and I definitely missed more than I should have. If they reduce the stocking numbers like they are talking about, I am thinking their will be a lot more years like this.
  7. That was very good...... thank you for sharing! Jason
  8. IT WAS AS USUAL A WONDERFUL EVENT............EXCEPT FOR THAT WIND! L Cheers to Nick and Theresa (RUFF RIDER)......... and all the supporters, volunteers, captains and sponsors!!!!!
  9. I am guessing that 30'foot powder blue boat was the Harry Bee, piloted by Andy.... both he and his first mate SAM are known for screaming at people. LMAO and yes they are extremely helpful to anyone working the waters out there.... if you have a Marine Radio, we are always on.... mostly 16....
  10. Yup, not a coho, but a steelie...... Nice fish. Given the lack of kings, I would take lakers like that for awhile!!!
  11. I think this is the report for everything from Rochester to Fair Haven~ UGH
  12. After Ryan bolted out deep, I moved out to 65-90fow, in front of the trailer parks/camping grounds between Lighthouse and Maxwell. TONS of bait in that 50 foot down to bottom, as I did figure eights between 70-85 foot, pulling 3 leadcores (2,3,10 color) and running 3 riggers at 40, 50, and 60-65foot. We went 3-5 between 11am-1pm, including a very nice 10-11 lb Steelhead on a Green UV Tux down 60 foot, over 70fow. The 10 color pulling a UV Watermelon took a heck of rip and lost it about a minute into the battle. We had two wonderbread hits and a green frog take small kings, losing one behind the boat, as it was doubled up on the same rod, thanks to the free slider. Went back out in the late afternoon and went 1-3 in the same area between 5-7pm, another small king on a yellow/chartreuse NBK spoon down 50, over 80fow. Absolutely a beautiful day on the water, still not seeing much in the way of any kings, as everyone else has heard. But browns and Steelies have been fun.