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  1. Allot of Michigan guys only run spin doctors and run 2.3 2.4 mag divers ticking bottom. Riggers bouncing. And long lines and high divers out for salmon
  2. Lasts for yrs. Clean it let it dry and spray it good. Especially on seams
  3. Scotch guard tent sealer and water repellent. Best I have used.
  4. Not a issue turned it into a race car turns on a dime and no weird vibrations. No more issue with autopilot maxing out with the big amish trolling bag. A definite need to do.
  5. I had a custom made set put on . Night and day with and without. I went 1 inch lower and 3 inch back. I will post a picture when I find it
  6. Have 2 lms 350 head units one is like brand new if someone can use . I can meet in Pulaski to Oswego. 40 bucks
  7. You could run a big board like a TX 44 or the big offshore off a butt section of a rod with 60 lb braid . but with a small boat run the in lines 12s for browns or up to 5 color cores and TX 44s or the big offshores up to a 500 copper. Stick a Sam's pro release on the big boards so the release, and be done with it. I run inlines all summer never have a issue.
  8. Price drop $550 with bases!
  9. I have 3 props forsale. All like new condition. First is a Mr minus 18x19 3 blade $400 Second is a worked 18x18 mr minus 4 blade. $400 and last is a new mw 18x18 dyna quad $800 Will work great on a 350 or 454 single screw boat. If anyone wants to see any I'll be in Mexico this weekend. Can put in truck
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