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  1. I was 5 for 6 off plant to catfish. 4 decent browns and a steelhead. All rigger bites.
  2. Today was different for sure fished hard only got 4 browns and a steelhead. All same depth as yesterday. Seemed like after the fog bite was over for me.
  3. Hit a nbk 130 out with a 1\2 oz drop weight on one of the new ninja boards.
  4. I fished from mexico to 4 stacks 70 ft to 180 never moved a rod. Gave up went shallower at 12.30 caught a king 6 browns and a 14.77 monster that beat my sister up. Released after measurement and pics for a fiberglass mount.
  5. Way to low sucking air. The line thats down the side of the transducer should be only thing below the hull.
  6. Just bought a spool at woodys tackle
  7. I have mine tilted up a 1\8.
  8. Always kept up only use keypad for short drops 90% of time im watching balls on my graph anyways. But should be right
  9. Im not sure how much cable is missing was free clutching then boom. So missing anywhere from 5 to 50 ft. So might be just thinking there is 200 ft there and only have 150 or so. When i set waterline i just turn on and off counter is at o
  10. Sounds like its sucking air. There is a line in the middle of the transducer. That should be below hull.
  11. Brand new cable last year. I had the retriever screw loosen and cable went between and cut it like a knife. When i turn them on i put in water turn off and on to set o for autostop. It worked perfectly before.
  12. Have old digi troll 2s broke a cable last season probe and ball on the bottom. But now my counter is off almost 6 ft lower then counter. Was in 28 ft this weekend had set for 20 ft and was dragging bottom. But hit auto up and it stops at waterline.
  13. Already bought the spiderwire it was bonus footage spools.
  14. I run braid always have like the option to leader up and add a torpedo diver Question is my braid is 4 yrs old now ready to change it out. Anyone use the 50 lb spiderwire slick? Figure would work better with fleas. But its not powerpro dont want to have a diver on the bottom if its junk.
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