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  1. I had that allot this summer. Ended up put foot in carb 2.7 2.9 and 3.1 they would hit then. Think slower they get to good a look at it.
  2. phil2

    Tr1 gold help

    Ya called Garmin I wasn't hitting the on off button to program it.
  3. phil2

    Tr1 gold help

    Running on agm 31 series with 12.9 volts. I would shut it off it will track straight then soon as I hit throttle up it would activate it again. So I think its on zig zag just need to figure out how to stop. Might put the factory reset code in just hope it don't loose north settings.
  4. phil2

    Tr1 gold help

    Oh ya I was quite violent seeing I only had today to fish. And I had a great screen.
  5. phil2

    Tr1 gold help

    Got out today shutdown in 120 started kicker and the autopilot. Set my direction and it started its course then after 50 yds it went into a zig zag pattern. Couldn't get it to stop pulled fuse 2 x then was fine for about a hr or two then started again same crap. Then I put in standby then auto was fine for a hr then it started again this time I was so pissed I picked up and called it a day. Any ideas ??
  6. phil2

    Rigger question

    I have older cannons that came on the boat I had one that would struggle to lift my 13 lb torpedos. Lifts my 10s no problem. Has been fine my other 2 lift the 13s no problem. Yesterday one stopped and would need me to turn spoil then go for 20 ft and stop again. Motor or lube? I have a tote of 5 more for parts should I hook my charger to motors find the ones that work and change it out? Going to need to upgrade but cant
  7. What do you guys with the bigger boats to help stop Or slow crab walking in a cross wind? Bag on the side?
  8. phil2

    Kicker trim question

    When I run my autopilot or just have 9.9 in gear if I trim up it will pop my fuse if its off no problems. Don't know if the cnc dosent have enough a-- to lift in gear causing it to pop fuse. Any clue? wires new and new fuse block.
  9. phil2

    Downrigger Ball depth

    I have 1 rigger that's impossible to read when its sunny out I use my graph to find out where I'm at.
  10. Mine is jumping also I can just get the x4 probe?
  11. Anyone in town that has a 840 probe for sale? Here in Mexico area mine is doing weird things thanks
  12. phil2

    Cannon DigiTroll 2 Programming?

    Sweet thank you I have the thing with mine 2 will autostop at waterline my mid one swings like a wrecking ball!
  13. phil2

    Looking at a penn

    It did! Definitely a different handling ride to the ranger but ill get it. All I know it's enjoyable to fish out of I'm not tripping on things! And the auto pilot is the king for sure!!
  14. phil2

    Looking at a penn

    Got her in finally thus weekend and all put back together after the drive out. Went for a small ride sat afternoon ran great kept it at 3000 rpm for a while temp and oil pressure were perfect! Got to fish sun for a couple hrs. But ready for the summer hopefully!!!