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  1. We went out of little salmon. Went out for a couple hrs sister had one come unglued after it ran out 756 ft on first run. I had one to the boat and got cut off on the prop. Praying its calm tomarrow but not looking good.
  2. Hoping this storm coming blows out so we can get out later.
  3. Thanks the ranger bass boat was at its limits this am.
  4. Me and my sister got out for a few before we got blown off again. Landed 2 one weights 32.6 lbs and sisters 19. Ran 3 dipseys to rough for the riggers set up in 125 ft one came out of 80 ft down second 100 down.
  5. Are you bleeping kidding! Bs!!!!!
  6. Hahaha!! Sorry! My fault because I want to go fishing.
  7. I know but I don't know how it can be with 15 mph wind.
  8. Well they changed the forecast again looks like straight 15 mph Fri thru Sunday out of the northeast.. Going to suck!!
  9. Yup might try stony point sat. Should be protected
  10. Ya true! I run a 21 ft ranger bass boat I'm good to 3 ft then I don't want to be out there. Thought the same, want and need are 2 different things. Yes I'm limited to when I can go. Weekends or vacation days. So when I can go I don't want to be sitting on the dock, that sucks!! If I had the bigger boat it would come down to don't care I'm going! Like the forecast for sat 15 North east I wouldn't be trying to figure out if I'm going or not.
  11. Here we go again!! Planning on coming again and here comes the wind. I can't win!!! Got to fish a hr and a half 2 weekends ago caught 2 lost 1 then got blown off. Time to invest in a 26 ftr
  12. Price drop $1500.00 obo
  13. Woo hoo it layed down fishing tomarrow!!!
  14. That's what I use or sailflow both accurate and both different.. Same with noaa.and acuwheather
  15. How bad is it going to be tomorrow. Thinking Oswego. Saying laying down some time around 8 tonight.Then sw 10 until 9 am then 1 to 3 sw