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  1. Ya I would stick a spoon out on a planner dipsy set and get nothing. I wondered what they could be. Wasn't showing much below had me scratching my head.
  2. No I can see the fleas these were fish.
  3. Questions Last summer I would get a hard thermocline at 40 ft that my hummingbird 1197 would pick up said 60 deg. At the time the place to be was 75 ft. But I kept graphing fish at 40 to 45 ft. I set once there but no bites. Could they been salmon or trout?
  4. How do you tie on the swivel? Palimar knot?
  5. First year figuring things out almost ready for a bigger boat! Tough with a bass boat and a 250hp and no fishhawk.
  6. I'm still getting use to fishing without a probe its hard because current and wind getting use to reading dipsy rods. Downriggers make two noises clicking and singing once I hit 3mph the drags on dipsy start to click and cables stop singing. Tryed angle I use 10lb fish so angle is different at depth. I'm learning love it because it's different and frustrating.
  7. I did Sunday made long troll across Mexico to past catfish creek and back mid Mexico bay nothing.
  8. Shallow is the only thing I didn't do stayed 120 to 65 feet. Looking for a pod never found it saw some going in in that 50 ft range but was all put away and had enough.
  9. Any one else fish this weekend I only did one release Sunday off North doons. Covered lots of water never really saw much on the screen not like two weeks ago.
  10. Drove to Oswego made it out to lighthouse to find leftover rollers. They were 3 ft with 4s mixed in to rough for my boat then had a 5ftr toss my boat like a toy.upset ran in put it back on the trailer and headed back to pinegrove. Ran west to Mexico still 2ft plus rollers but set in 70ft zig zag 90ft to 60 blank screen some bait. Trolled to past catfish nothing. Turned out and headed deeper nothing. Ran to Sandy North doons. Set again in 95ft bam fish on! mag dipsy ff out 160. Broke off before nephew got the rod out of the holder. Made a couple passes nothing else. Looking forward to next year learned allot for first year 4 trips 8 adults 9 lost. Time to retire the ranger and get a lake boat.
  11. I thunk it was the day talked to acouple other boats the skunked. Another caught fish at oswego. Heading that way going to make a long east troll. What GPS speed east do I need for 2.4 mph at the ball?
  12. Common rich if i can catch them out of a bass boat you can!! Except for today blown off No hits from Sandy pond to sodus back to river. Supposed to lay down ill get to catchen tomorrow hopefully
  13. I can say I had a great time its frustrating and exsiting. I'm me made 5 trips I fish out of bass boat. I pick my weekends. Been teaching myself. Picking up bit and pieces from this site. After first 2 day trip I got 3 browns and lost 2 kings I was hooked. Got my sister going now helps allot with steering and she loves it. Second trip caught 4 kings first day lost three. Day two caught 1 lost 1 got blown off by 11. Same for most trips wind is a pain I know what my boat can handle but scares my sister so I play nice. Last trip this weekend we worked hard put allot of time in caught 4 lost 4 sat caught 1 lost 4 on sunday and caught a brown,couldn't figure out why just come unhooked one straighten a hook other broke the leader on the fly. Yes would I like to go out and catch fish every time yes I spent a poop load of money motels, rods, tackle,gas,down riggers. Now I'm looking at another boat for lake o. But I have great electronics on my boat sister autopilot.I still want more.I enjoy the challenge of the fish and the lake trying to kick me off! And any second a downrigger rod will go off or dipsey rod can start screaming!!# that's why we all go!
  14. Me and my sister did 4 for 8 inside of 90ft in Mexico to the plant sat and Sunday. Sat am in the dark went to the dunes started in 70 ft lost one dipsy wrapped both rods up and was gone had another straighten a hook on a pro fly. Nothing else until 10 then trolled across to Mexico. Did same Sunday no bites picked up and went to Mexico lost one within first 5 minutes.