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  1. Here's mine and my sisters!
  2. Looking at a penn

    Is it spring yet!! Ready to get back to work on it so I'm ready for May!
  3. On board chargers?

    I pull mine and keep in basement. Ill put charger on them a couple times during the winter.
  4. Crusader owners

    Here is the pic out of my manual for my system.
  5. Crusader owners

    And for strainer just pull the glass off and let it drain or just hope the fresh water valve?
  6. Crusader owners

    So what plugs do I need to pull? I got two on exchanger, 4 on manifolds. Do I need to pull the lower block plugs? Oil cooler u thing? And strainer is full of nontoxic? Sorry like I said I have had 250 hp to me paying someone next year when it gets to a marina this year just want to get by.
  7. Crusader owners

    Ok going to drain it sat just worried about the plugs that haven't been pulled out in a long time. Previous years were done the dump and run way but he kept it in a semi heated garage. So those bolts haven't moved in the 10 yrs he owned it.
  8. Crusader owners

    Here is another one.. It has the heat exchanger on it checked the antifreeze in the resivour its good to -35. But I don't know if it is ok in freshwater before strainer has a hose attachment the original owner ran a funnel to and ran 5 gallons of non toxic antifreeze through while motor was running then shut off. Didn't pull any of the plugs. It was coming out the mufflers. Am I fine for winter? Been reading about it some people do it this way. Skimmer is full of non toxic..
  9. Looking at a penn

    My brother started buffing it yesterday. Wow what a difference!! Ok so I pulled all the wood off over the winter I'm going to sand and finish.. What's a good poly that won't break down in a year?
  10. Looking at a penn

    No sir! Can't wait to learn how to drive it and get used to it. Will be a little different then the 21 ft bass boat with a 250 on it. Have allot of cleaning to do and set it up the way I want. Then get it covered before it snows.
  11. Looking at a penn

    Well finally got it home. Now the race before the snow. Time to access the broken or need to fix items before my first trip with it this spring. Its the 262 with the 454 crusader, t9.9 kicker with the tr1 gold autopilot.
  12. Favorite setups

    Favorite setups Got tired of getting beat up with the bass boat. Bought a 26 ft Penn want to get into leadcore and copper sets now that I have a boat that I can run more then 4 rods. Looking at for now rigging 2 coppers and 2 cores. Want to be able to use for browns and later salmon. Can I rubber band copper to a planner board? Then I can have 2 400 coppers and use it as a 100 and so on. Or do I want 300s? Same with leadcore, 10 color?
  13. Crusader owners

    Thank you.
  14. Downrigger for smaller boat

    I unbolted the back seat and lag bolted it to a 2x6 and mounted riggers to it and can run two dipsey rods and two riggers. No problems