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  1. Pms sent to pmd me.
  2. You could run a big board like a TX 44 or the big offshore off a butt section of a rod with 60 lb braid . but with a small boat run the in lines 12s for browns or up to 5 color cores and TX 44s or the big offshores up to a 500 copper. Stick a Sam's pro release on the big boards so the release, and be done with it. I run inlines all summer never have a issue.
  3. Price drop $550 with bases!
  4. I have 3 props forsale. All like new condition. First is a Mr minus 18x19 3 blade $400 Second is a worked 18x18 mr minus 4 blade. $400 and last is a new mw 18x18 dyna quad $800 Will work great on a 350 or 454 single screw boat. If anyone wants to see any I'll be in Mexico this weekend. Can put in truck
  5. Selling 2 mag 20 ts both with 3 rod holder stainless booms new 200 lb cable. Ball retrievers and covers. 600.00 for both. Pickup in Pulaski.
  6. Think they must of had bad cable . I put new spool on a mag 20. Lost a shark and a x4d probe . Then again bouncing for Lakers cable jumped the pulley went between the pulley and bolt cut it like a knife. Then another when ball came out of water I must of shocked it and it snapped between the ball and pulley. Switched to 250 lb Mason. Knock on wood haven't broke any off. Wait ripped a mag 10 off the boat when I got hung up. Expensive mistake.
  7. Have 2 mag 20 ts stainless 1 new board both with new 250lb wire duel holders and ez pull ball retrievers. $800 available in Saratoga or Mexico.
  8. Just hit the plugs not to much pull the kill switch and turn over a couple times. Shooting some in airbox while running won't hurt anything. Do lower unit oil change and keep trimmed all the way down.
  9. I had the 262 ran great 28 mph got beat over 3 ftrs . You have to take your time turning in rough seas they do ok seem a llitle top heavy. Get some slop. Stringers are know to be crap. Feel up under all the drain holes if your finger goes in to mush looking at a Stringer job. Or drill and fill . Great boats there getting up in age and need love.
  10. I have a 94 with twin inboard 7.4s thinking of adding a kicker it has a raymarine autopilot is there a way to connect kicker to it? I looked at my tiller the arm looks electric one wire controlling the ram on the rudders.
  11. Thanks guys prob end up replacing it lasted a long time one ride lol. Brand new in September. Obviously faulty.
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