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  1. Thanks guys prob end up replacing it lasted a long time one ride lol. Brand new in September. Obviously faulty.
  2. Just was looking at manuals says once under 10 volts or over 13 charger it wont charge . sounds dumb to me.
  3. Been working on the new boat. Seems like house battery is dead 9 volts or so. I have shore power with a adapter for a regular lead cord. Light for charger comes on cycles then goes green charged. Have 2 sets of wires one going to a isulater other to battery switch. Does the charger need full 30a to work? Or will regular lead be fine? Lost with it isulater should put power to that side once below 12 volts charges when running mains but not shore power.
  4. Took out a hds5 gen 2 just bracket and unit. No power cord or transducer. Im in Mexico until Tuesday. 300 obo
  5. Have 2 manual cannons with 4 ft booms new cable and blacks releases. Stillwater Ny. Asking $300.00 sold!!!
  6. I run braid divers some days the only thing catching fish. Some days cant buy a bite. Harmonics maybe. Friends catching on wire at 250 out on 2 setting same lure he gets bit i don't. Getting 2 wire sets this year and run side by side to see.
  7. Yes sounds like releases i uses amish clips with heavy rubber bands. Or scotty pinch pads when running meat.
  8. I will have a lowrance hds 5 gen 2 forsale in spring i forgot it in the boat. Has a built in antenna. Will need a power cord. Wont help now but be perfect for that.
  9. Lol happy new years. I searched it that came up copied the link.
  10. The closures are part of a $16 million waterfront improvement effort that combines a trio of projects at Breitbeck Park, Wright’s Landing and the International Pier. The addition of stone and additional landscaping along the bottom of Brietbeck Park and the Harbor Trail will prevent future erosion from high water. Wright’s Landing Marina will have its ground surface elevated two feet, get a new pavilion and welcome center, renovated restrooms, improved wheelchair access, and more firepit and seating areas. The International Pier, currently gravel, will undergo a $6.5 million transformation to a pedestrian-oriented boardwalk pier. Construction is expected to last through July 2021.
  11. Huh? Paper article Oswego july 2021 writes will be open.
  12. https://www.syracuse.com/news/2020/06/oswego-marinas-closed-for-16-million-waterfront-project.html
  13. Looking for another set of propacks with dual holders. Or the cannon mag 10 or stx.
  14. I think maguires testing on my truck. Been holding up for 2 months we will see. If not jascar
  15. Adding a lowrance hds 12, 4 scotty propacks. First new bottom paint a buff polish and then synthetic sealer.
  16. Ok ill try it. Figure it was a cone angle issue.
  17. Got to fish the new boat once and had issues with x4d reading depth and speed at ball. In shallower water 50ft or less. Worked once when i was 80ft dn. The marina i picked the boat up at mounted transducer dead middle of transom. My riggers are on the corners. Im 13 ft wide so maybe to far away?? I tested everything on land by the wet finger trick ant it read temp. Im still undecided on running 4 riggers on corners or just 3 and putting 1 in the middle. Ir just moving the transducer.
  18. I have found they work good easy 1 hand off. But sometimes a pain to get on. Back hooks then front comes out visa versa.. They dont pull as hard as my tx44. Slid back and got in my dipseys twice last yr on turns. But i would get another.
  19. I ran my 1199 next to it and my 998 on the other side of it. They have so many noise filters in them you wont have a issue.
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