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  1. Adding a lowrance hds 12, 4 scotty propacks. First new bottom paint a buff polish and then synthetic sealer.
  2. Ok ill try it. Figure it was a cone angle issue.
  3. Got to fish the new boat once and had issues with x4d reading depth and speed at ball. In shallower water 50ft or less. Worked once when i was 80ft dn. The marina i picked the boat up at mounted transducer dead middle of transom. My riggers are on the corners. Im 13 ft wide so maybe to far away?? I tested everything on land by the wet finger trick ant it read temp. Im still undecided on running 4 riggers on corners or just 3 and putting 1 in the middle. Ir just moving the transducer.
  4. I have found they work good easy 1 hand off. But sometimes a pain to get on. Back hooks then front comes out visa versa.. They dont pull as hard as my tx44. Slid back and got in my dipseys twice last yr on turns. But i would get another.
  5. I ran my 1199 next to it and my 998 on the other side of it. They have so many noise filters in them you wont have a issue.
  6. Watching. My x4d worked for 30 seconds then stopped also just reads surface temp. Probe read fine on a friends x4
  7. Right now pending i will let you know !
  8. I have 4 bigjohns the gold ones 2 are speed riggers 2 are captain packs and have another to rebuild or for parts. I have extra motors and control boxes ,booms. Asking. $1250 obo. Pulling off boat with swivel mounts the 26th. Can meet pulaski area.
  9. I think they are all good now. Its all preferences. Cannon are easier to use scotty lifetime warranty. Its all budget and what you want to spend. I had both on my last boat. Preferred the cannon auto stop but liked the scotty speed.
  10. 2 wing riggers spoons 35 back. flasher fly or meat with cheater on the center short rigger 20 ft . 2 braid divers 1 spoon other spinny and meat. And a 300 or 350 copper with meat on tx44.
  11. Lets keep it going im in the market also!
  12. Mine is 26 ft 10 ft wide.
  13. Mine had the 454 inboard not tunnel
  14. What's the ride diffrence between a 27 tiara and a pen yan 262 competitor? Looking at upgrading to a bigger boat but if ride is identical or close to same ride
  15. phil2


    Who knows a surveyor on the east end?
  16. He salt cures them they work right out of the pack.
  17. It is fine in calm water its all over in rough water. Makes it rough keeping speed at ball.
  18. When sloppy my motor slops side to side makes me loose speed and hard to maintain speed. Do i turd down sea state filter or steering gain or both?
  19. Yup start crack open little cap until oil starts coming out and close. Easy fix
  20. I use a boga grip tied to mid cleat tow them for a while. If they dont look good they go in cooler. Saves from turning and scooping floaters.
  21. I was 5 for 6 off plant to catfish. 4 decent browns and a steelhead. All rigger bites.
  22. Today was different for sure fished hard only got 4 browns and a steelhead. All same depth as yesterday. Seemed like after the fog bite was over for me.
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