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  1. An update.... Using Scotty releases and I'm having a good year with the copper. Thanks o all who posted.
  2. 1st trip up this year, 6/10 on a mixed bag of species with no drag burners. Started out from wall @150 and had 3 quick hits. NBK and Purple death on riggers down 70 and 90, dipsy (#1 set on 3) spin doctor and fly out 220. Moved out NW to 220 to 300 to finish the trip. Same lures but dipsy out 280 and one hit 30 copper with green jeans spoon. Nothing seemed to like extra flashers. Big thank you to the folks that post on here; it's great to have a starting point. Hope this helps someone else.
  3. Never used Weldons but I will check them out.
  4. Mueller 27 20 amp They are a round pad with what I thought was good tension. Guess I know what to get me for my birthday Thanks for the advice.
  5. I tried trolling 300 ft of copper off a big board this summer and had 4 hits. The two landed were tiny but two hits were smashers but they dropped off shortly thereafter. Only got to try it once and I am excited about the prospect of doing it again as 25% of the fish we turned hit that 1 rod. Is there a tip, trick or technique I need?
  6. Small boat so I run 2 dipsey and 2 stacked downriggers. Keeps me out of trouble...most of the time.
  7. That's the screen you wanna see. Thanks for information.
  8. Pair of Invader 5000 electric downriggers with 60 inch booms. New cable. Single pole holder on one and double on the other. Both work great, one has a counter that slips. Multiple mounting plates included. $200 for the pair.
  9. Used 40 lb thrust foot pedal control Motor guide bow mount trolling motor with bracket. 12 volt, 45 inch shaft. One owner, works well. $175
  10. My bimini interferes with my Dipsey also but I have found that having a only a pin in the last support allows me to drop the top forward when a fish is on. The shade is well worth the hassle. (center console boat).
  11. Quit yesterday when I couldn't reel them in. Cottonwood seed and fleas.
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