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  1. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    Have someone push the roof side to side while you are looking at the mounts at bottom and top and see where the most play is. I bet you'll notice it's in those upper mounts, could just need some tightening or possibly thru bolting.
  2. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    What about having tubes made to mimick the ones that are vertical and applying on the top of the roof thru bolting the roof mounts to the new tubes. Could mount lights or light bar on the front tube. The rear looks like you have a rod Arch already for rocket launcher but does that Arch connect from upright to upright? Or does it utilize the roof. The roof without a substructure being aluminum could flex in the middle allowing movement and I'd imagine that hanging dash adds a lot of weight to the aluminum roof. The flexing of that would mean the roof is "buckling" in the middle when the movement happens.
  3. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    Yeah and once those roof mounts get loose the forces applied with keep making it worse. Stress cracking and screws pulling through. Like a roll cage for a car, I believe there should be cross members going horizontal from front left to front right and back left to back right. This provides the rigidity then slap the fiberglass roof on top. Unfortunately alot of tops don't do this and rely heavily on the fiberglass to provide the rigidity. Adding horizontals to the structure may be necessary if the fiberglass is weakened.
  4. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    I'd imagine the problem is where it connects to the roof. If they aren't rigid then you would get the sloppiness. The mounts to the boat are just receiving the secondary stresses due to the sloppiness at the roof. Check those connection's and take a closer picture of those so we get a better idea of how it mounts there.
  5. I'd run 20lb main line and bounce to 30 if the fleas are crazy but from the days I've been out your checking rods every 30-45 mins or reeling in a fish so the fleas never seem to accumulate all that bad. Everyones suggestions are good. I'd say only thing to focus on buying is a fishhawk speed and temp system. Also look for the current "hot items" people are running and you'll be in the fish in no time! Good luck!
  6. Meat

    Keep 10 a day from the Hudson River during April and May, find a friend on stripers247.com n trade a trip if can't make it down there for a few trips. Also Atommik has good quality bait. His are Pacific herring supposed to be a lil oilyer than the Atlantic. Brine then freeze.
  7. Swim platform kicker bracket

    I'd suggest small size trolling bags over adding a kicker in your instance. Both my 22ft and my 27ft sportcraft have no kickers and can get proper speeds using bags. You may find you'll only need one on some days, others two. For your boat get the smallest size bags. If possible use them off your bow cleats and put the port side in first because most outboards steer towards driver's side when you let go of wheel. Help counter it a bit.
  8. April Browns

    You want standard stinger size also scorpion size has it's days too
  9. Anyone ever built a hard top

    Talked about making one for my Sylvan offshore and was told by a few boat builders you need to consider how much weight and force the hard top would be and the buoyancy and stability of the boat. Alot of boats have ballast in the bottom to compensate for this. Also the connection points where the top mounts to gunnels and how much strength is there. I think a t top style with removable strataglass or eisnglass panels would be less likely to cause issues. Especially if the ttop is removable or folding down for travel on highways.
  10. Grill set ups

    I have a magma kettle grill with the rail mount and works great, the track mount would be sweet too and imagine would be stiffer but if I tighten the rail mount appropriately then have had no issues. Here's a similar setup
  11. torpedo weighted steel line

    Bloodrun they are talking about being an equivalent in that it attains depths similar to that of copper. Copper obviously is a solid choice for a material if you can have multiple designated rods for the different lengths required to obtain the various depths. Have you ever backed your 200 or 300 copper with wire to see if the same principles apply to your product? As with any product every option has unique properties that make it more suitable at various times. It's all about having a vast arsenal to achieve maximum daily success. No one is saying that it is the same product as copper, or performs the same identically as copper but it gives novices and experts alike another option for controlled depth presentations without the expense of multiple reel and or rod setups.
  12. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    Also in the pickup tube the 90 degree fitting comes apart and their is a small mesh filter that plugs as well. Also consider how old the main fuel line is! My main fuel line was bad on the inside and would suck it's self closed at higher RPMs and eventually at all RPMs . Date is printed on the fuel line itself along with fuel line type. Should check fuel line regardless if it's an ignition issue to to prevent future problems.
  13. Non skid sportcraft 270

    Yeah, the boat was looked over by a surveyor he seemed to think it was the gel coat from the older stuff being so thick and said no structural issue but I'm thinking if I sand it all real well and clean it I could put 3 coats of the tuff coat and it'd be flexible enough to withstand any flexing. Also the tuff coat can be reapplied easily to creat a thicker covering if it does crack again. Supposedly called gel coat crazing.
  14. Non skid sportcraft 270

    Some significant cracking of the cockpit floor and the non skid has been worn off. Structurally sound but want to make it stay that way. Was thinking about painting over it with the tuffcoat nonskid but wasn't sure if I should sand then seal all the cracks with a skim coat of fiberglass resin or if the tuff coat would be durable enough to fill in the micro cracks. Tuffcoated the floor in my 22sylvan but I had replaced the whole floor with 3/4 marine grade plywood first and it's held up amazing. Any thoughts?