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  1. Long shot but looking for a salesman at a marina that is willing to work with me on trading in a 2018 Robalo R180 😁. Located in the Rochester area but willing to travel. Pm me.
  2. Yeah I figured... I have a few items in my cart just gonna order tonight.
  3. I'm looking for the Cannon Adjustable Rod Holders prefer the duel axis what would take the single axis. What's out there?! Cash in hand ready to buy.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Would 7ft of 30lbs floro be OK from the flasher to the spoon? I originally thought mono b/c it has more forgiveness and stretchs. I'll upgrade the 4ft of leader from the dipsy to the flasher. If something breaks I want it after the flasher. Spoons/flies are cheaper 😉
  5. Looking to setup my dipsy rods, they are 11'6 I have 40lbs braid for my main line, hooked to a dipsy then 4ft of 30lbs floro to the flasher then 7ft of 20lbs mono to the spoon. Is 20lbs OK or should I use 15lbs mono to the spoon? I'm use to Musky/Pike setups... this whole light weight line has me worried 😉
  6. I actually have 6 of these batteries. My company decommissioned a PA system so the batteries where not needed. I'm currently running 3 on my boat and selling the other 3.
  7. Odyssey Extreme PC1700 Sealed AGM Battery Product ID: PC1700 Cranking Amps: 1175 Cold Cranking Amps: 875 Voltage: 12 Amperage: 68ah $200 a piece or $500 for all three. Batteries work flawless, hold charge. batt 1 - 12.9v batt 2 - 13v batt 3 - 13v Might be willing to trade for some trolling gear. I'm located in Rochester but willing to travel upto an hour.
  8. Interested in trading for a Helix 10 SI w/ Lake Master and external GPS receiver?
  9. I've been looking for the something for my kayak. I have been looking at the Hook series from Lowrance.
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