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  1. Are there any tournament or derbies going on the weekend of June 9th? The better half is gone for the weekend and that means daddy has a free pass to fish all weekend. Haha
  2. As are those who are fortunate to call you a friend
  3. Could you give me.more info on the tfo rod? Model? Age?
  4. Just curious, wouldn't it be better to just put a bow mount electric on the front? Keeps weight off the transom. Quiet, it can get you trolled down slow
  5. 28 stickbaits with tackle tray. I see rebel, Challenger, smithwick, yozuri, sebile, and others. 60$ local pick up or buyer paying shipping
  6. We did well the last two days On browns and LL and today and I couldn't believe the size of the accidental pike we were getting. We were in the StarCraft fishmaster with the yellow boards off the mast. We were also the boat that was fighting a fish today and not paying attention and wrapped a board 10 ft the other side of the weather buoy hahahaha. I'd post a pic of a pike but someone would have a fit saying I shouldn't have taken time to take a quick pic before releasing. By the way, the weather buoy does not give at all. Also thanks to those who took the time to pm and call me
  7. Sounds like maybe your electronics ran your main battery too low. The kicker was either still running or took a lot less juice to start. Does the kicker have a charging system tied into your main battery for the big motor? Food for thought that you might want to start the main motor every once in awhile while trolling on the kicker and let it recharge.
  8. I'm going to try Cayuga for the first time in a very long time on Friday. So head to the South end and troll a stick program? Depths? Any info would be great
  9. Contact gunnysargent12 , he painted close to 100 baits for me. Phenomenal job
  10. I think he was saying he had 25 foot of leader not 25#
  11. Get there for the am bite and not the mid day and that should help. Personally I would take the leadcore.outnof the chute and flatline a couple before I ran core
  12. I'm pretty sure they don't make them that light
  13. Opti tackle boards track exactly the same as the off shores. A little different style release but the only major difference is price because one is made in the good old USA and one is made in China. The boards you buy from Frank's great outdoors are seconds. They work just the same though.
  14. Pap, how do you like the church version of the tattle tale flag? I think they call it double action?
  15. I just put your title into eBay and one comes up for 120$. Good luck
  16. Amanda with all due respect it's just nice to see a woman in the doghouse for once.
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